Sean Hayes Thanks Joe Biden
May 07 2012 12:20 PM ET

Sean Hayes, Will & Grace Cast Thank Joe Biden

Jeremy Kinser

  Actor Sean Hayes has released a statement in which he thanks Vice President Joe Biden for saying his sitcom Will & Grace educated Americans about LGBT people when he offered his support for marriage equality this weekend.

Ashton Kutcher Is This Just a Swishy Gay Stereotype
May 03 2012 6:15 PM ET

Ashton Kutcher: Is This Just a Swishy Gay Stereotype?

Jeremy Kinser

Ashton Kutcher plays a flamboyant gay designer looking for romance, delivering bon mots such as "miracles in my mouth makes an Eiffel Tower in my pants," in one of a series of ads for a faux dating site that some viewers have found offensive.

Reza Farahan Goes from Chic to Shahs of Sunset
May 03 2012 3:38 PM ET

Reza Farahan: From Chic to Shah

Bryan Van Gorder

The Shahs of Sunset star on being gay and Persian, and on how his moustache got its own Twitter account.

Modern Family Named Best TV Show By Catholic Group
May 02 2012 7:41 PM ET

Modern Family Named Best Show By Catholics

Jeremy Kinser

Modern Family, ABC's hit sitcom which features a loving and realistic gay family among its main characters, has a 2012 award  as best television program by the group Catholics in Media Associates, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Here TV Greenlights New Shows Restructures
April 30 2012 4:07 PM ET

Here! TV's New Slate

Michelle Garcia

Here! TV announced a restructuring Monday, along with a slate of new programming.

WATCH Inside the Lives of Trans People on NatGeo
April 30 2012 2:28 PM ET

WATCH: NatGeo's Insight on Trans Lives

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Nat Geo TV will debut a special hour-long feature looking at the lives of three transgender people and their families called American Transgender. Airing Tuesday, May 1, at 8:00 p.m. EST, American Transgender offers an up close and personal peek into the daily lives of three trans people: Eli Strong, Clair Farley, and Jim Howley.

John Stamos Wants You To Fantasize About Him
April 27 2012 7:05 PM ET

John Stamos Wants You to Fantasize About Him

Diane Anderson-Minshall

NBC axed a gay joke from The Office, but John Stamos says it wasn't necessary.

WATCH Say Yes to the Dress For a Male Bridesmaid
April 27 2012 3:25 PM ET

WATCH: Say …for a Male Bridesmaid

Diane Anderson-Minshall

TLC's hit reality show steps it up with a bridesmaid in drag.

WATCH Rosie Says Lindsay Lohan Not Capable
April 24 2012 1:47 PM ET

WATCH: Rosie Says Lindsay Lohan Is "Not Capable" of Portraying Elizabeth Taylor

Jeremy Kinser

 Add Rosie O'Donnell to the number of people against casting Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor, saying the troubled starlet is "not capable" to play the icon, during an appearance on NBC's Today.

Lindsay Lohan Confirmed to Play Elizabeth Taylor
April 23 2012 4:19 PM ET

Lindsay Lohan Confirmed to Play Elizabeth Taylor, Says She's "Honored"

Jeremy Kinser

It's official. Lindsay Lohan will portray iconic movie star-activist Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick, a biography that recalls her fabled love affair and marriage to actor Richard Burton for cable network Lifetime.The rumored casting of Lohan as the beloved screen star, who became an early and incredibly devoted AIDS activist, has been a contentious subject for fans of Taylor, as is the title of the film. Taylor famously hated being called "Liz," even once suggesting the epitaph on her tombstone read: "Here lies Elizabeth. She hated being called Liz. But she lived."

WATCH In The Life Video on Homeless Youth Gets Webby Nod
April 13 2012 4:26 PM ET

WATCH: Video on Homeless Youth Gets Webby Nod

Lucas Grindley

A web video from the long-running public television program was nominated today in the elusive Webby awards. See what got their attention.