Top 11 LGBT Friendly Reality Shows You Should Watch This Month

The Top 11 LGBT Friendly Reality Shows on TV

Here's our list of the top reality shows LGBT viewers will want to check out now.

AMCs Small Town Security Surprise  Transgender Security Specialist Dennis Croft

AMC's Small Town Security Surprise: Transgender Security Specialist Dennis Croft

After a slew of hit dramas including Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Killing, AMC has struck gold of a different kind with its oddly alluring new unscripted series,

WATCH Modern Familys Gayby Lily Sing Adele

WATCH: Modern Family's Gayby Lily Sings Adele

When Cameron and Mitchell decided to give up their quest fora second child on last season of ABC's Modern Family, we all sighed in relief.

Britney Storms Off X Factor After Drag Impersonation

Britney Storms Off X FactorAfter Drag Impersonation

Britney Spears became uncomfortable watching a male contestant partially dressed as a woman perform her hit "(You Drive Me) Crazy," 

Chloe Sevigny Hits It With Her Best Shot
July 09 2012 7:13 PM ET

Chloƫ Sevigny Hits it With Her Best Shot

The actress subverts gender again in her newest role as a transgender woman who just happens to be an assassin.

Joan Rivers Guests on Drop Dead Diva

Joan Rivers 'Incredible' on Drop Dead Diva

  Tonight watch for outspoken comic Joan Rivers to make the first of two guest appearances as a psychiatrist on Lifetime's hit Drop Dead Diva.

Shark Tank and Oprah Makes Gay Couples Dreams Come True

Shark Tank, Oprah, and Jamba Juice Makes Gay Couple's Dreams Come True

Steven Nakisher and his husband Shane Talbott just got richer, thanks to ABC's hit reality series.

WATCH Queen Latifah in Steel Magnolias Trailer

WATCH Queen Latifah in Steel Magnolias Trailer

"No one blossoms alone" is the tag line of Lifetime's redo of the tearjerker about the power of female friendships, Steel Magnolias, headlined by Queen Latifah, Phylicia Rashad, and Alfre