Broadway Baby Bares All

Entertainer John Carroll offers a scintillating firsthand account of taking it off to play Prince Charming for the latest Broadway Bares fund-raiser.



I have very vivid memories of coming into the city from Long Island as a high school student and seeing Adonises on posters around town advertising Broadway Bares. Sultry images of dancers like Denis Jones and Sebastian LaCause really stuck with me (for a plethora of reasons!). Like many teenagers, I felt awkward and ugly. Seeing those men with their matinee-idol good looks and chiseled bodies gave me something to strive for. As time went on, I learned more about BC/EFA’s mission statement and it fueled my desire to be a part of the organization even further.

Well, now that that's out of the way, bring on parade of flesh! See, my husband is a lawyer, so I'm trying to be a little more PC. I'm not too sure it's working.

The theme this year was "Happy Endings," a sexy take on all our favorite fairy tales. When the director, Lee Wilkins, called me up to tell me there was a featured part in the show that he wanted me to play, I nearly fainted. When he told me my entrance would be coming up through the stage floor (like Velma Kelly in Chicago), I nearly shit my pants before I fainted. Yeah, it was pretty much that kind of day.

I was thrilled and excited because I usually play the role of "nonspeaking townsperson, second from the left" in the shows that I do, and now I was going to be onstage having lines with Broadway's leading man, Kyle Dean Massey. Time to step it up a notch, Carroll! 

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