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The latest on Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States and the first black president to be elected. His influence concerning the LGBT rights movement has been detrimental in furthering equality. Under his presidency, the first openly gay U.S. courts of appeal was elected and he also nominated the six openly gay judges serving at the federal court level. In 2011 Barack Obama's administration repealed the DADT policy and the following year he formally stated he supports marriage equality for same-sex couples.
Civil Rights, Religious Groups Ask Obama: Fix Bush-Era Changes to Religious Freedom Act

Groups Ask Obama: Fix Religious Freedom Act

The act was signed into law by President Clinton in 1993, then reinterpreted in a 2007 memo by Bush administration lawyers to offer protection to religious organizations that discriminated in hiring.

Obama Appoints First Trans Woman to White House Post
August 19 2015 1:54 PM ET

First Trans Woman of Color Appointee in White House

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan will be the first transgender appointee to work in the White House.

WATCH: Antigay Discrimination Is 'So One Month Ago,' Says Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart: Antigay Discrimination Is 'So One Month Ago'

The Daily Show host notes that while some nations may be backward when it comes to LGBT rights, progress in the U.S. is still fairly recent.

White House to Unveil New HIV Strategy

White House to Unveil New HIV Strategy

The Obama administration gave The Advocate and Plus a sneak peek at its proposal for battling HIV over the next five years.

Franklin Graham: Obama Promoting 'Immorality' by Supporting LGBT Rights in Kenya

Franklin Graham: Obama Is 'Exporting Immorality' to Kenya

The president is advocating for 'the gay & lesbian agenda,' Graham writes on Facebook.

WATCH: Obama Advocates for LGBT Equality in Kenya

Obama Advocates for LGBT Equality in Kenya

The U.S. president cited to his own country's history of institutionalized racism as a lesson in acceptance of other minority groups.

Kenyans to Protest President Obama By Marching Naked Through the Streets

Why 5,000 Kenyans Will Get Naked to Protest Obama

Kenya's Republican Liberty Party intends to 'demonstrate the difference between men and women.'

Obama's Former Speechwriter Reportedly Held Secret Same-Sex Marriage at the White House

That Time There Was a Secret Gay Wedding at the White House

Jon Lovett, former presidential speechwriter and producer of The Newsroom, claims he officiated a secret same-sex marriage on White House grounds.

President Obama Has Not Called for LGBT National Holiday

President Obama Has Not Called for LGBT National Holiday

An article spoofing USA Today had said LGBT Americans would be formally recognized.

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