Hate Crimes

After the middle school had to close due to a parent threatening to knife a transgender seventh-grader, the community is standing against hate.

August 15 2018 3:32 PM

Klan members are leaving candy and flyers on driveways in upstate New York. 

August 07 2018 1:36 PM

Slurs, threats, and a home invasion.

August 06 2018 2:25 PM

Toronto police have asked for help in identifying two people who committed the hate crime. 

August 06 2018 1:40 PM

Charges against Deonton A. Rogers include assault and intimidation based on gender.

July 29 2018 4:13 PM

A trans woman was harassed and punched several times in downtown Portland this week.

July 27 2018 3:06 PM