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Hate Crimes

Vandals Burn LGBTQ+ Pride Display Outside L.A. School

As a school's Pride Day approaches on Friday, conservative parents in the district are outraged at the school’s plan to demonstrate tolerance and inclusion.

Ohio Man Arrested After Threatening LGBTQ+ High School Students

Police officials were able to trace his location quickly.

Montana Trans Rep. Zooey Zephyr Target of SWATting Attempt Hours After Girlfriend Was

Local police said they received a distress call from an FBI tip line.


Missouri Man Who Lured and Shot a Gay Teen Sentenced to 21 Years

The 16-year-old boy attempted to walk away from the man before he was shot eight times in cold blood.

Gay Couple Attacked in NYC’s Times Square as Crowd Watched

It's not the first time LGBTQ+ have been attacked recently in the city.

Massachusetts Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Shoot, Burn Pride Flag

Police said he also made anti-Semitic comments.

Gay Man Brutally Stabbed in New York City, Police Search for Suspects

The crime is being investigated as a potential hate crime.

The Dildo Nazi: Sex Toy-Selling White Supremacist Unmasked

The person who runs one of Telegram's most extreme neo-Nazi groups once sold and reviewed dildos, according to HuffPost.

LGBTQ+ People Take Up Arms as Fears of Right-wing Hate Groups Grow

One group in New Hampshire says it is providing firearms skills to queer people so they can protect themselves.

Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik Writes Book, Goes on Crazy Promotional Tour

The hate account creator and runner has written a children's book that she's self-publishing and selling on her anti-LGBTQ+ website.

Police Warn Minorities: Be Vigilant on Saturday's 'National Day of Hate'

Jewish people were told by law enforcement officials to be especially on alert this weekend.

Club Q Announces Plans to Reopen, Honor the 5 People Killed

The club's management said it was working with several groups to rebuild.

Gay NYC Teenager's Body Found Shot, Burned

The distraught family is calling the horrific murder a possible hate crime.

Gay Man Robbed, Beaten Beyond Recognition in San Francisco

He was leaving a San Francisco leather bar when two men severely beat and robbed him.

Gay Jewish Student's Alleged Neo-Nazi Murderer Faces Judge

On Friday, suspect Samuel Woodward will likely learn his trial schedule.

Man Indicted for Allegedly Trying to Hit 2 Gay People With a Car

Because Idaho doesn't have a hate crimes law that covers sexual orientation, the U.S. government sought to indict the defendant on a federal hate crime charge.

Well-Known Chilean Trans Activist Murdered

Authorities are trying to determine if Claudia Diaz Perez's death was a hate crime.

Republican Lawmakers Blame 'Both Sides' for Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence

On Wednesday, Republican lawmakers acted shocked that months of the GOP's anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric led to acts of violence against the same community.

Gay NYC Council Member's Event Casts Light on Anti-LGBTQ+ Crimes

Erik Bottcher, who's up for reelection, is concerned with the recent spate of crimes against LGBTQ+ New Yorkers.


Texas Man Charged With Attacking Trans Woman; FBI Seeks Other Victims

Salih Alhemoud, 28, of Houston, is accused of assaulting a trans woman he met on Grindr, whom he called a "demon," and authorities say he's a suspect in other, similar crimes.