Op-ed: The 6 Straight Women That Gay Men Should Avoid

There's no doubt that many straight women and gay men have a special bond. But sometimes the chemistry is less cohesive and more explosive.



Long Island Lucy
This lush of a lady doesn’t get to play with the gays very often. So when she does, it’s a no-holds-barred race to the bottom of the liquor bottle and she always wins. In her mind, a gay bar is a free pass to get as sloppy as possible without judgment because, “Hey, they’re gay!” But as she stumbles around the bar and spills her fifth martini on just about everyone but her, rest assured that just about everyone is reading her for filth. No one finds this fun or amusing, especially as she continues to proclaim her love for all gay men (over and over). By temporarily losing her respect for herself, she inadvertently reveals her lack of respect for her so-called friends.

Look around, honey. It’s only 10 o’clock and you are the only one on the dance floor. Just call a cab and try again another time.

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