Op-ed: The 6 Gay Men Who Are Changing the World

We may joke about the nightmarish men we encounter out in the world, but there are also a lot of gay guys making the world a better place.



The Historian
As we all look forward for what is to come, it takes The Historian to keep our feet planted in the reality of where we started. So many young millennial gay men are unaware how much the social landscape has changed in their favor. Therefore, this perpetual student of the past helps keep the value of traditions and the legacy of those who have come before us so that we may never forget where we came from. For the millennial set, it can be hard to remember just how much of a fight it was to hold hands in public, kiss on screen, or even say “I do.” But The Historian will never let us forget, and he keeps us progressing on the path to equality. Just make sure to pay attention, because there will be a test.

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