Ex-gay Therapy

The latest news about so-called reparative, conversion, and ex-gay therapy and the quest to outlaw it. Condemned by the American Psychiatric Association, ex-gay therapy is based on the belief that a person can be "cured" of their sexual attraction and that conversion from homosexuality to heterosexuality is possible. Proponents of the controversial treatment include the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality as well as Christian fundamentalist organizations. Various means of implementing this therapy include prayer groups, electroshock therapy, and training in gender behavior.

Alan Chambers says he now endorses same-sex relationships and condemns reparative therapy — for everyone.

7:56 PM Updated

Illinois joins California, New Jersey, Oregon, and D.C. in banning use of the discredited, harmful practice on minors.

August 20 2015 7:04 PM

Missouri state senator and gubernatorial candidate Bob Dixon says being abused as a child turned him gay for five years.

July 28 2015 8:49 AM

Reps. Adam Schiff and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen are demanding an end to the abusive, discredited practices seen at poorly regulated 'treatment centers' for so-called troubled teens.

July 14 2015 6:46 PM

Telling gay people they can be turned straight is fraud under New Jersey law, a jury determined. The Jewish group must now pay $72,400 in damages to its former clients.

June 25 2015 3:18 PM

The former Texas Republican Party chair took interviewer David Shuster aback with her remark.

June 24 2015 11:39 PM

Discussing LGBT rights, attorney Charles LiMandri says 'Satan does frequently overplay his hand.'

June 09 2015 3:13 PM

Here's why everything Mike Huckabee is saying about transgender people is wrong.

June 02 2015 5:23 PM

Gov. Bruce Rauner hasn't said if he'll sign the bill, but its backers are optimistic.

6:38 PM

Samantha Ames of the National Center for Lesbian Rights is determined to wipe 'ex-gay' and 'ex-trans' programs from the planet.

May 26 2015 6:00 AM