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Op-ed: My Doctor Diagnosed Me as 'Homosexual'

Op-ed: My Doctor Diagnosed Me as 'Homosexual'

A California man is suing his doctor after she listed his sexual orientation as a chronic condition and refused to take it off his medical record.

DOJ Tells State Prisons: Denying Trans Inmates Hormone Therapy Is Unconstitutional

DOJ: Denying Trans Inmates Hormones Is Unconstitutional 

The Department of Justice has intervened on Georgia trans woman Ashley Diamond's behalf, declaring state prison's continued denial of her hormone therapy a violation of her Eighth Amendment rights.

Federal Judge: California Must Provide Trans Inmate with Access to Gender-Affirming Surgery

Fed. Judge: Calif. Must Provide Trans Inmate with Access to Surgery

A federal judge has ruled that a transgender inmate in California must be granted access to gender-affirming surgery that her prison doctors have deemed medically necessary.

10 Celebrity Icons of HIV Activism

10 Celebrity Icons of HIV Activism

Many celebs have raised awareness of HIV, but few are recognized for it.

Scientists Discover a Vaccine for Herpes

WATCH: Broadway Bares Fire Island

WATCH: Broadway Bares Heats Up Fire Island

The most fun and sexy series of fundraising events in the world twerks its way to Fire Island. See the sizzling preview!

Frankie Grande: Smoking 'Ain't Cute,' Guys

Frankie Grande: Smoking 'Ain't Cute,' Guys

Reality and Broadway star Frankie Grande is the son of a pulmonologist and says smoking and cancer ain't cute.

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