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These 20 Gay Guys Are Rocking Our World

Op-ed: Why We're Still Waiting for Gay Hollywood to Talk About PrEP

Still Waiting... for Gay Hollywood to Talk About PrEP

When will PrEP have its Magic Johnson moment?

WATCH: Is Canadian Transgender Surgical Care Really Accessible?

WATCH: Is Canadian Gender-Affirming Surgery Really Accessible?

Trans residents of British Columbia are rallying this weekend to draw attention to their province's years-long wait lists for state-covered gender-affirming surgeries.

#31DaysOfPrEP: Ways to Spur Social Conversation


Why Michael Weinstein Gets Blamed for PrEP Myths

Why Michael Weinstein Is Blamed for PrEP Myths

Michael Weinstein was a pioneer in fighting the stigma around HIV since the early 1980s. So why are people so upset with his activism these days?

Day 30: Fighting the Increase of HIV Infections

Op-ed: It Is Time to End Bottom-Shaming

Op-ed: It Is Time to End Bottom-Shaming

Why shaming bottoms allows HIV to keep spreading.