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Ky Peterson on Surviving Alleged Prison Abuse, Overdose: I Won't Stay Silent

Surviving Suicide Attempt, Ky Peterson Won't Stay Silent

The black trans man tells The Advocate how alleged neglect and mistreatment by Georgia prison staff led to him nearly dying while held in isolation.

Op-ed: Why We Must (Sometimes) Talk About Violence Against Trans Men

We Must (Sometimes) Talk About Violence Against Trans Men

Boys Do Cry: While we must continue putting violence against trans women in the forefront, trans male survivors also need space to speak out.

EXCLUSIVE: New Survey Catalogues LGBT Hopes and Fears

New Survey Catalogues LGBT Hopes and Fears

The Advocate was given a sneak peek at this ongoing survey, which aims to give groups that serve the community a better understanding of its needs.

Ireland Moves Toward Employment Protections for LGB Teachers

Ireland Moves to Protect Jobs of LGB Teachers

The republic that became the first to approve marriage equality by popular vote now extends labor protections to LGB employees of religious schools and hospitals.

WATCH: Fox News Reports on Trans Teens, Claims They Have ‘Mental Disorder’

Fox News Claims Trans Teens Have ‘Mental Disorder’

Fox News's 'Special Report' falsely reported that gender dysphoria is classified as a mental disorder.

WATCH: 20 Years After His Gay Son Died From AIDS-Related Causes, Dad Receives Touching Card

The Message of Love That Took 26 Years to Be Delivered

After a 26-year wait, a Virginia man finally receives a bittersweet message from his now-deceased son.

Serosorting in the Age of PrEP

Serosorting in the Age of PrEP

In the past, HIV+ and HIV- men often sought partners of the same status. Is it still, or was it ever, necessary?

STUDY: Bisexuals Have Worse Health Than Gay, Lesbian, or Straight People

STUDY: Bisexuals Have Worse Health Than Gay or Straight People

A new study confirms bisexuals are facing a health crisis.

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