Chely Wright Talks North Carolina Marriage With MSNBC's Thomas Roberts

"I consider myself a Southerner and I'm embarrassed," Wright said.



Country music star Chely Wright had just returned from "an emotional couple of days" in North Carolina, where she joined a rally against a same-sex marriage ban, and talked about her determination to fight it at the ballot box with MSNBC's Thomas Roberts.

"This is a cynical, unnecessary political move to get out the conservative vote," Wright said, noting it's a presidential election season. Wright said the conservative right was trying to "mash" voters' buttons.

"I consider myself a Southerner and I'm embarrassed," Wright said.

Roberts, who is engaged to be married to his partner, also congratulated Wright on recently marrying her partner and showed pictures from their wedding. Their marriages would already have lacked legal recognition under North Carolina law, but state Republicans hope to ban them via the state constitution as well. Lawmakers approved the ballot initiative earlier this week, and now it heads to voters in May.

Watch the complete interview below.

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