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The Mystery of the 1957 Gay Wedding Photos

In the 1950s, a Philadelphia photo shop refused to return these pictures. Sixty years later, they've been found.

This Cruelty Can’t Be Ours

We must resist turning into our enemy.

Lucas Grindley: My Goodbye to The Advocate

The current editor in chief departs The Advocate with a reminder of an old memo about its future.

Rachel Maddow Declares 'Worst-Case Scenario' Is Real

The out MSNBC anchor said the president puts the interests of the Russian governnment first.

Franklin Graham Goes Full Westboro in Unhinged Facebook Post

The evangelical preacher is really worried about a resurfaced quote from former President Jimmy Carter.

Attack Inside Gay Bar Leaves Staff With Fractured Bones

The attack at the Eagle London was called "particularly vicious" by police in the U.K.

Waiting for Obama

Reminders are everywhere that we lack a president who knows what to say when times get tough.

Trans Woman Makes History, Will Compete for Spain in Miss Universe

Angela Ponce won the Miss Universe crown for Spain and now becomes the first trans woman to compete internationally.

Watch: Gay Republican Confronts His Party Over Anti-LGBT Platform

The Idaho Republican gave an impassioned speech that is getting attention in state newspapers.

Trevor Noah Gives Pride Month A Hopeful Send-off

The loss of Anthony Kennedy from the high court has LGBT people worried about the future.

Tom Daley, Dustin Lance Black Welcome Son with Photos

The couple shared photos of their new son, Robbie Ray, on Instagram.

Rachel Maddow to Democrats: Don’t Be ‘Doormats’

The out MSNBC anchor had strong words for Democrats on why they must delay confirmation of a new justice until after the midterm.

Tell Your Neighbor We’ll Get Through This Together

Anthony Kennedy's retirement means Trump's effect lasts longer, so we have to outlast even that.

Is the Gov. of Maine About to Veto a Ban on 'Ex-Gay Therapy'?

Paul LePage hasn't said whether he will sign a bill sent to his desk today by the legislature.

Dave Rubin Won't Be Joining Your Chick-fil-A Boycott

Here's one gay man who isn't giving up the food, no matter where the profits go.

What the Media Gets Wrong About Pulse

Erasing homophobia from Pulse is both dangerous and inaccurate.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Isn't the Only One Who Forgot Chick-fil-A Is Anti-LGBT

The CEO of Twitter got a public shaming for promoting Chick-fil-A during Pride Month.

Tyler Oakley Breaks Down Misconceptions About Queer Elders

The YouTube star hosts the kind of intergenerational conversation that we could all benefit from.

Randy Rainbow: All Hail the Commander of Cheese!

The latest from comedian Randy Rainbow turns Kellyanne Conway's newest slip into a song.