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Thomas Roberts

With his career cutting a swath across the U.S.--from San Diego to Nebraska to Virginia-- Thomas Roberts already has a long and illustrious career as a TV journalist as well as an LGBT advocate. When he wound up at MSNBC, his eponymous show--Live With Thomas Roberts--garnered an Emmy for its coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on marriage equality. Now that he has left MSNBC, The Advocate is the best place to hear about his next steps. Will he continue with journalism? Will he go into politics? Follow us and find out!

Thomas Roberts Launches 'Gay Good News' From Quarantine

The first out national anchor is highlighting happy LGBTQ+ headlines on Facebook Live. 

Has Mueller Questioned Thomas Roberts About Trump's Prostitute Allegations?

The out journalist says Trump spent a night in Moscow in 2013, conflicting Trump's statements to former FBI head James Comey.

After Leaving MSNBC, What's Next for Thomas Roberts?

The out journalist made history by anchoring the national news in 2015, but his presence shrunk at MSNBC since the presidential election. 

Thomas Roberts Announces End to His MSNBC Show

The out anchor hasn't said what's next.


Yes, LGBT Journalists Feel 'Special Anguish' Over Pulse Massacre

Can queer people report on the worst anti-LGBT hate crime in American history and still keep their journalistic distance? Do we need to? 


This Trans Performer Narrowly Escaped the Pulse Shooting

Jasmine Jimenez was about to step back into Pulse nightclub in the early hours of June 12 when she heard the sound of automatic gunfire. She ran for her life — but more than a dozen friends lost theirs. 

WATCH: George Takei: Donald Trump Will Make America Disgraced Again

Takei, one of many Japanese-Americans interned during World War II, takes on Trump and bigotry in an interview with Thomas Roberts.

What LGBT Catholics Want From Pope Francis

Six American Catholics from a variety of different paths came together in the shadow of a cathedral to share their faith experiences and thoughts on the pope's visit to the U.S. 

Thomas Roberts Makes History In The Big Chair At NBC

The out MSNBC anchor was flawless as he anchored the newscast that made Lester Holt, Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw and others legends at NBC.

Thomas Roberts Quits Hosting Miss USA Over Trump's Rant

The billionaire's claim that Mexicans are criminals and rapists has cost him both broadcasting and business exposure, as NBC and Macy's cut ties.


Univision Tells Trump 'No Mas' After Rant

NBC has also distanced itself from Trump, who made slurs against Mexicans part of his bid for the Republican party nomination for president.

PHOTOS: NBC Makes St. Patrick's Day History

Thomas Roberts joined other NBCUniversal employees celebrating the day by marching in the parade as proud LGBTs and allies.

Thomas Roberts: Man of the Hours

The out anchor's role expands with a two-hour midday gig on MSNBC.

MSNBC Shake-Up Means Big Role for Thomas Roberts

In the cable channel's new lineup, Roberts will anchor a two-hour midday news program.


WATCH: TV Goes Purple for Spirit Day

TV personalities around the nation, including MSNBC's Thomas Roberts, the women of The View, and even NBC's peacock logo, sported purple to take a stand for LGBT youth.

Q&A;: Thomas Roberts on MSNBC's LGBT Coverage

The out anchor talks trans inclusion, answers critics, and discusses the possibility of an LGBT-focused show.

MSNBC Sorry for Offensive Cinco de Mayo Segment

There was outcry against the segment, which featured sombreros, maracas, and tequila in a way that some viewers thought reinforced stereotypes of Mexicans.

WATCH: New GLAAD Leader Talks Mission With Thomas Roberts

Sarah Kate Ellis outlined the organization's goals and challenges in an interview with Thomas Roberts on Morning Joe.

WATCH: 'So Long, Farewell' to Thomas Roberts

The production team of MSNBC Live compiled a highlight reel of anchor Thomas Roberts, who will transition to host of MSNBC's Way Too Early show next week.