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The president said Americans would do well to heed the advice of Atticus Finch, the central character from the great novel, "To Kill A Mockingbird:" consider things from another point of view. This is part two.

January 10 2017 10:34 PM

Janelle Monae reminds us, "anybody who is representing hate is part of the problem."

January 09 2017 1:43 AM

Cheryl Dunye, director of The Watermelon Woman, calls for a strong movement of queer artists of color.

January 06 2017 6:14 AM

Amid criticism, Talladega College accepted an invitation to send its marching band to the inaugural parade.

January 05 2017 4:44 PM

"The hope is to draw the nation's attention that Alabamians do not want this person as attorney general because of his past," said the NAACP's Bernard Simelton, following his arrest.

January 05 2017 6:30 AM

An imprint of the publisher is giving $250,000 to a man Lambda Literary calls a "white supremacist" in a statement issued today.

January 04 2017 10:57 AM

It doesn't feature the Führer's face on the cover, or any swastikas —they're illegal —but its publisher calls sales of the anti-semitic manifesto "overwheming."

January 03 2017 12:29 PM