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The American LGBTQ+ Museum Comes Into Focus

The forthcoming repository of queer history chooses a new executive for its leadership team, Suhaly Bautista-Carolina.

The Rich Queer History of American Drag Queens

The art form will likely outlast attempts to restrict it.

11 Homoerotic Ads, Covers From 20th Century Gay Artist J.C. Leyendecker

Leyendecker's queer aesthetic pre-dated both Norman Rockwell and Tom of Finland and helped shape modern America.

1973: When the LGBTQ+ Movement Caught Fire

Stonewall shook the establishment, but four years later (and 50 years ago), queer rights started to take over the mainstream.

Images of Secret Gay Love Lost to Time

Queer relationships from decades ago get new life in the documentary 100 Years of Men in Love: The Accidental Collection.

Out, Black, and Proud, Ernestine Eckstein Fought For Us Before Stonewall

During Black History Month, we honor the courage of Ernestine Eckstein, who put her life on the line to speak out for queer rights.

Rosewood Massacre
Advocate Channel

The Damage to the U.S. Capitol Continues Two Years Later

Right-wing extremists are still holding democracy and the U.S. Capitol building hostage, but the structure and its dome, the beacon of freedom the world over, will outlast them all

How a 1966 Police Raid Shuttered a Haven for Gay Men

The mostly forgottenYukon bar in Los Angeles was home to one of the earliest anti-LGBTQ+ raids that resulted in protests and Pride.

Matthew Shepard Portrait Unveiled at Washington National Cathedral

The newly commissioned portrait of Shepard was revealed on what would have been Shepard's 46th birthday.

22 Photos of LGBTQ Writers, Artists, & Activists of the '80s and '90s

This exhibition of photographs contained 53 vintage prints from Robert Giard's extensive series of over 600 prints created from 1985 to 2002.

NASA Says No Evidence James Webb Telescope Namesake Fired LGBTQ+ Staff

An investigation into Webb's alleged homophobic actions stems from the firing of gay NASA employee Clifford Norton during the Lavender Scare.

Zachary Quinto Steps Into the Shoes of a Larger Than Life Gay Icon

In his London stage debut, The Boys in the Band star will portray firebrand thinker Gore Vidal.

32 LGBTQ+ Documentaries to Watch for LGBTQ+ History Month

There's much to enjoy in these films and much to be learned from them.

12 Queer, Inspiring Protest Posters in 'Days of Rage' from ONE Archives

"This is about how design lives through us: our bodies, our memories, our activated minds."

Last Call Chicago Reveals the Rich History of LGBTQ Bar Culture

A new book by Rick Karlin and St Sukie de la Croix documents the Windy City's LGBTQ+ bar community going all the way back to Prohibition.

22 Queer Couples Through History

It may be the love that once dared not speak its name, but it has always existed.

Eric Cervini on the Gay Legacy of Frank Kameny

Author and historian Eric Cervini's book The Deviant's War explores the life of the famed astronomer-turned-activist.

Orgies, Lies, and Presidents: The Secret Gay Cabal of Washington

A new book reveals the influential -- and targeted -- gay men who served presidents from Roosevelt to Clinton.