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The Advocate's coverage explores issues of race, ethnicity, and national origin, as they relate to and intersect with LGBT identities and the ongoing struggle for equality.

Rosewood Massacre
Advocate Channel

Why This Black Lesbian Visited One of the World's Most Antigay Nations

Jasmyne Cannick is not afraid; she's determined.

Pauli Murray Doc Examining the Nonbinary Activist’s Life Wins Peabody

The film highlights the Black nonbinary civil rights activist and lawyer who was one of the 20th century's most influential thinkers.

Through Line of Critical Race, 'Don’t Say Gay,' & Great Replacement

The line of bigotry, hatred, and carnage bends like a swastika and is covered with a white hood.

What Being Black Has Taught Me About Being Nonbinary

A personal reflection on the intersecting dynamics of race and gender in recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility.

The Case for Judge J. Michelle Childs to Replace Justice Breyer

As a non-Ivy League Southerner who ruled in favor of LGBTQ+ rights, Childs would bring a sense of realism to SCOTUS.

'My Name Is Pauli Murray' Highlights a Great Nonbinary Trailblazer

This queer pioneer was influential in the fights against racism and sexism, and their story is one everyone should know. 

Lil Nas X's New Video Is More Than a Homoerotic Prison Romp

The new pop king is always two steps ahead.

'Reparations Fee' at Black Pride Event Sparks Complaint by Rival Group

Capitol Hill Pride in Seattle complained about Taking B(l)ack Pride charging admission to whites only but is now seeking "common ground."

A Passionate Plea for — and Against — Police at Pride

Two important New York voices on whether cops belong in our celebration.

The Legacy of George Floyd One Year After Police Killed Him

Have we made progress on equality and justice since Floyd was executed by an officer?

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Criticized Over Favoring Journalists of Color

The Black lesbian mayor said she would grant one-on-one anniversary interviews only to Black and brown reporters. Some see it as a diversion. 

Act Locally to End Anti-Black, Anti-LGBTQ Police Violence

Isaiah Brown didn't need to be shot 10 times by the people paid to protect him.

Sister of Gay Police Shooting Victim Isaiah Brown Speaks Out

Brown's sister, Yolanda, shows us that victims of police violence aren't statistics, they are fathers, brothers, friends, neighbors, lovers.