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Giants Stand by New Antigay Executive, Super Bowl Champ David Tyree
July 23 2014 1:14 PM ET

NFL's Giants Stand by New Antigay Executive

Michelle Garcia

David Tyree was hired by the New York Giants as an executive, but his views on LGBT rights and marriage equality has some calling for the team to reconsider the decision.

WATCH: Michael Sam Responds Graciously To Tony Dungy's Homophobia
July 23 2014 11:33 AM ET

Michael Sam's Gracious Response to Tony Dungy

Lucas Grindley

Michael Sam was asked for his response to Tony Dungy's widely criticized comments.

Slain Baltimore Trans Women Was Sibling to NBA Star
July 21 2014 5:19 PM ET

Slain Baltimore Trans Woman Was Sibling to NBA Star

Parker Marie Molloy

After learning his sister's death, Los Angeles Clippers player Reggie Bullock expressed sadness, praising his sibling for teaching him how to live his own life.

Dungy: I Would Not Have Drafted Michael Sam
July 21 2014 3:14 PM ET

Tony Dungy: I Would Not Have Drafted Michael Sam

Michelle Garcia

Former Super Bowl-winning coach and current football commentator Tony Dungy says he would not have picked Michael Sam because he would want to 'deal with' Sam's being gay.

Vikings Claim No Fault in Report, Kluwe Will Continue With Lawsuit
July 21 2014 2:25 PM ET

Vikings Claim No Fault, Chris Kluwe Won't Drop Lawsuit

Michelle Garcia

After the findings of an internal investigation of the allegedly homophobic environment of the Minnestota Vikings' locker room were released, former punter and LGBT ally Chris Kluwe says he still plans to sue the team.

Outfest Honors Greg Louganis Doc, Gaby Hoffmann at 2014 Awards
July 21 2014 1:48 PM ET

Outfest Honors Greg Louganis Doc, Gaby Hoffmann

Stacy Lambe

The Grand Jury and audiences recognized the best selections of this year's film festival.

SPORTS: Airborne Grace
July 21 2014 1:42 PM ET

Tom Daley: Airborne Grace Editors

What did you do this weekend? Tom Daley and competitors from around the globe flew through the air in agonized elegance an the 19th FINA Diving World Cup in China.

Report: Kluwe's Coach on Vikings Wanted to 'Nuke' Gays
July 19 2014 11:18 AM ET

Report: Kluwe's Coach on Vikings Wanted to 'Nuke' Gays

Neal Broverman

An independent report finds punter Chris Kluwe (left) was not fired from the Minnesota Vikings because of his pro-gay stances, but did confirm coach Mike Priefer (right) told his players all gays should be killed.

What A Difference A Year Has Made
July 19 2014 5:12 AM ET

What A Difference A Year Has Made

Annie Hollenbeck

Jason Collins, Dan Bucatinsky, George Takei, and Melissa Goodman examine how the world has changed since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality.

6 Times Arthur Ashe Award Winner Michael Sam Proved His Courage
July 17 2014 3:26 PM ET

6 Times Michael Sam Proved His Courage

Michelle Garcia

Michael Sam accepted an award in an emotional moment at the ESPYs Wednesday night. Here's six moments it was clear he was the right guy for the award.

July 17 2014 9:24 AM ET

Michael Sam Receives Arthur Ashe Courage Award: 'We Can Save Lives'

During his speech at the ESPYs, NFL's first openly gay player thanked his boyfriend.

July 16 2014 3:41 PM ET

A Perfect Day: Brittney Griner's Phoenix

Where you'll find the WNBA star when she's off the court

July 16 2014 1:57 PM ET

When Girls Had To Fight To Play With The Boys

View at

Before there was Title IX, athlete Debbie Millbern Powers had to fight just for her right to play sports.