A Taste of New York

Work up an appetite for the Big Apple.



If you're hungry
for it, it's here. Without a doubt, the best destination
for a culinary adventure, New York has got every world
cuisine on the menu. If you're craving something
specific -- Puerto Rican, Vietnamese, Senegalese, or
even Scottish -- it's on the boil, grill, or over the coal
in this city. Tuck in and discover New York's whole world of

Fresh Sheet
Taste the finest flavors of Lyon at renowned chef Daniel
Boulud's new Bar Boulud, where charcuterie star
Sylvain Gasdon helms the blades. A counter and tasting table
provide the perfect vantage point for discovering
bistro gems, from coq au vin to steak frites.

Translating as
“little shoe” in Italian, La Scarpetta has dipped its
elegant toes into the Meatpacking District and made
its own distinct footprint on the culinary landscape. A busy
bar precedes a cozy dining room where regional Italian
and Italian-American classics reign.

The casual Kampuchea celebrates Cambodian
street food at communal tables within sight of the bustling
open kitchen. Ratha Chau's thrilling Southeastern
Cambodian fare offers an explosion of tastes, from
Lemongrass Smoked Duck Breast to specialty Katiev white rice
noodle soups.

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