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31 Days of PrEP

Throughout the 31 days of October, The Advocate produced a GLAAD Media Award-winning in-depth series on PrEP -- its benefit or drawbacks, myths about its effects, and why the HIV-prevention drug has not been more widely accepted by gay men. Follow the conversation on social media at #31DaysOfPrEP.

New York Investigates Insurance Denials for PrEP Use

A controversial case has launched a state investigation of discriminatory and unethical insurance practices.

#31DaysOfPrEP: Ways to Spur Social Conversation

Need a primer on PrEP? Here's 31 things to know.

Why Michael Weinstein Is Blamed for PrEP Myths

Michael Weinstein was a pioneer in fighting the stigma around HIV since the early 1980s. So why are people so upset with his activism these days?

Op-ed: It Is Time to End Bottom-Shaming

Why shaming bottoms allows HIV to keep spreading.

Ask a Doctor: What's Stopping Us From Talking About PrEP?

So much contributes to why gay and bi men aren't talking about PrEP, including stigma and myths about its effects, says Frank Spinelli, MD.

Ask a Doctor Why He Supports PrEP

There's no doubt that Gary Cohan, MD, is a supporter of PrEP for HIV prevention, and here's how things would go if you were his patient.

Is PrEP the End of HIV in the U.S.?

Among a community that has for nearly 30 years preached the singular gospel of condom use, a change in tune -- or more accurately, a harmony added to that ongoing chorus -- could have a substantial impact.

STUDY: 'On-Demand' PrEP Drastically Reduces HIV Infection

A French study has upended a widely held belief that PrEP, when taken only before sex, is ineffective in HIV prevention.


Wait, Truvada Isn't the Only PrEP?

Pre-exposure prophylaxis is a generic term — it applies to things like malaria drugs and such — but for HIV it's synonymous with Truvada. Turns out, it shouldn't be.

Day 23: Resist the HIV Epidemic