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Advocate Remix

Straight Talk With the U.K.'s New Gay Pop Star

The lead vocalist for Brit trio Years & Years opens up about his past and his plan to change the global landscape for out artists.

How This Young Gay Boy Came Out to Hank Azaria

Sissies simply can't be held back.

Op-ed: What I Learned in High School From a Gay Teacher

A straight high school junior in Lexington, Ky., gets a lesson in empathy from an out member of her school's faculty.

I Am Jazz: 14, Trans, and the Star of My Own TLC Series

Transgender teenager Jazz Jennings has a new docu-series, I Am Jazz, airing on TLC.

How the Wicked Witch Helped a Gay Mormon Kid Come Out

Michael was convinced his homosexuality made him wicked, and that it meant he'd never have a family. But then The Wicked Witch of the West showed him otherwise.

How Bullying Ruins the Lives of LGBT Kids

Everyone's focused on the next LGBT battle -- e.g., employment, housing, poverty, transgender rights -- but what about our incredibly beleaguered youth?

Homeless LGBT Youth Use the Web to Make a New Home

A new short documentary showcasing LGBT youth showcases the power of the internet in the fight against homelessness.

Two Black Trans Boys, Two N.Y. Families, and Boundless Love

Penel Ghartey, 7, and Q Daily, 9, were both featured in magazines this week, supported by their trans-affirming parents and schools.

Clinton's Kind Words to Gay Kid 'Afraid' for His Future

Clinton gave the crying gay boy in a viral photo important advice useful for all LGBT youth.

Op-ed: If the LGBT Fight Seems Done, Look Outside Your Own Experience

A gay man who works with homeless LGBT youth explains why now is not the time for rest.

WATCH: How They'll Explain the Marriage Ruling in the Future

A wife and mother creatively imagines a day when our kids’ kids will learn about today in history class.

Op-ed: Hey Rachel Dolezal, My Black Son Is Entirely 'Plausible'

Out actor Alec Mapa is an Asian man married to a white man with an adopted black son. Mapa has a problem with people -- like Rachel Dolezal -- who have a problem with that.

Steps to Gay Fatherhood: The Panic Will Pass

Being a dad to twins could incite a panic, but not for the reasons you'd expect.

STUDY: Gay? Your Kids Will Be OK

A study says the sexual orientation of parents 'makes no difference' in their children's development.

WATCH: Gay Valedictorian Gives Speech on National TV

Comedy Central honored Evan Young, who was silenced and outed by his principal when he tried to come out at commencement.

What These LGBQ Moms Love Most About Being Parents

For Mother's Day, we asked gay, lesbian, bisexual, and queer moms to share their experiences with us. Get the tissues.

12 Celebrities Who Lovingly Embrace Their LGBT Children

The parents every queer kid has dreamed of.

Op-ed: Don't Opt Out of Teaching Kids About Gender

All parents have a responsibility to teach their children tolerance and respect, instead of hiding from the world's diversity.