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Andrea Constand

Of Course There's a Trump Connection to Cosby Being Sprung From Jail

Rich, powerful, and immoral men protecting each other. When can we change this situation?

Andrea Constand's Victim Statement Is a Testament to Resilience

Constand's statement lays bare the price paid by victims of sexual assault and misconduct.

Bill Cosby, Designated a 'Violent Sexual Predator,' Gets 3-10 Years

The fallen star will have to register as a sex offender for the 2004 rape of out victim Andrea Constand.

Bill Cosby Likely to Get Less Than Three Years for Raping Lesbian

A judge plans to sentence Cosby to less than three years for drugging and raping Andrea Constand, the only accuser out of more than 60 for whom the statute of limitations hadn't run out.


Lesbian Accuser Who Took Down Cosby Gives First Interview

"I didn't think anybody would believe me. It was Bill Cosby. It was Dr. Huxtable," Andrea Constand said of the 2004 rape. 

Out Cosby Accuser Andrea Constand to Break Silence

The vindicated accuser of Bill Cosby will finally speak about bringing the abuser to justice.  

Andrea Constand: The Lesbian Accuser Who Took Down Bill Cosby

Cosby's conviction turned on Andrea Constand's case and the out former pro basketball player told her story with inspiring bravery. 

Cosby's Trial Kicks Off With His Lawyer Painting Lesbian Accuser as a 'Con Artist'

Bill Cosby's attorney Tom Mesereau made accuser Andrea Constand out to be a conniving schemer in it for the money while also slamming #MeToo culture. 

Person of the Year: Transgender Americans

The Advocate highlights the people who gave the LGBT community hope in 2017.

Bill Cosby Plays Victim Following Sexual Assault Case

Cosby, accused of drugging and raping 60 women, will teach people how not to get caught committing sexual assault.

What's Next for Bill Cosby?

The former TV star -- accused of drugging and raping mulitiple women -- is far from off the hook.

Here's What Cosby's Accusers Said About the Deadlocked Jury

As the world awaits a verdict, the women speak.

Cosby's Words Used Against Him as Trial Nears End

The former TV star's fate draws near.

Bill Cosby Has No Plans to Testify at Sexual Assault Trial

Cosby told SiriusXM that he does not expect to testify at his June trial involving three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault of former Temple University employee Andrea Constand.

California Eliminates Rape Statute of Limitations After Cosby Case

In many states, once a certain amount of time has passed, rape cannot be prosecuted. 

Bill Cosby Trial for Assault of Lesbian Set for June 2017

A judge set a trial date for the case of Andrea Constand's complaint, that the comedy star drugged and molested her, while prosecutors announced they will call 13 of his alleged victims to testify.

Bill Cosby's Lawyer Wants Lesbian Accuser to Testify Before Trial

Cosby's attorney claims his right to the due process has been violated.

Bill Cosby's Lawyers Argue Lesbian's Complaint Shouldn't Go Forward

Andrea Constand, the out woman who has taken on Bill Cosby over sexual assault, is being challenged by his legal team ahead of trial.

Bill Cosby Headed For Trial in Criminal Case Brought by Lesbian Accuser

Andrea Constand is one of dozens of women who have come forward to say the comedy legend once drugged her and raped her, and it's her complaint that will be the first one heard in a Philadelphia courtroom.

Bill Cosby to Get His Day in Court, in Case of Lesbian Woman

The case of an out massage therapist will be the first heard to be heard after many women accused the comic legend of drugging and sexually abusing them.