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Archive: The Pulse Shooting

In the immediate moments after the Pulse shooting, The Advocate's journalists covered the tragedy in Orlando and its effects on LGBT people across the country.

An Emotional Biden Designates Pulse Nightclub a National Memorial

The president heralded the legislation but also noted that commemorations of tragedies bring back horrifying memories for survivors.

Pulse Shooting Survivor Brandon Wolf on the Meaning of June 12

Five years later, the agony remains.

George Takei's Passion Project

The gay activist is not giving up on ending the American epidemic of gun violence.

9 Queer People in an RV Trying to Stop Mass Shootings

A new film, Disarm Hate, artfully chronicles the pain and resolve that followed the Pulse massacre.

White Supremacists Deface Pulse Mural at Orlando LGBTQ+ Center

The central Florida LGBTQ+ center also saw its phone lines cut around the same time.

'Make America Straight Again' Event Planned for Orlando

Ministers who cheer the execution of gays will rally in a community where LGBTQ people were massacred three years ago.

When I Think About Pulse, I Think About Numbers

Trying to make sense of a senseless tragedy.

This November, Reward Candidates Who Fail the NRA's Test

We've strayed so far from the Second Amendment's true intention -- and the National Rifle Association knows it.

Whether or Not Pulse Was a Hate Crime, Hate Still Lives in Florida

Gov. Rick Scott should honor Pulse's victims and enact statewide LGBT protections, writes Equality Florida's Nadine Smith. 

Two Years After Pulse Massacre, National Die-In Planned for D.C.

Activists are refusing to stand down to the NRA.

The Memorial for Pulse Offers Comfort, But No Closure

A new tribute to the killed and injured reflects the struggle of Orlando's queer community to move on after America's second-deadliest mass shooting.

Emma Gonzalez on Pulse, Arming Teachers and an Assault Weapons Ban

After stunning the world at the March for Our Lives rally, the out survivor talks next steps.

Salman's Attorney Speaks, While Foreman Said She Knew of Pending Attack

The wife of the Pulse shooter is now free and everyone from her lawyer (pictured) to the jury foreman are speaking freely.

Survivors, Lawyer Respond to Verdict in Pulse Shooter Widow's Case

Prosecutors could not convince a jury -- beyond a reasonable doubt -- that the shooter's wife knew a massacre would take place.


The Insane Trial of the Pulse Shooter Widow Just Got Crazier

A right-wing "journalist" (pictured) disrupts Noor Salman's trial as it comes to a bumpy close.

Did Omar Mateen Know Pulse Was a Gay Club? Should It Matter?

In the case against Noor Salman -- accused of aiding her husband in the 2016 mass shooting -- lawyers are fixated on the shooter's intent.

Can Lawyers for the Pulse Shooter's Widow Save Her?

Noor Salman's attorneys rested their case this week, saying she had no idea her husband was going to slaughter 49 people at a gay nightclub.


FBI Groomed Pulse Shooter to Be Informant, Father Was One

The case against Noor Salman, accused of aiding a terrorist on the gay nightclub attack, is suddenly in chaos after shocking discoveries.

Prosecutors Rest Case Against Salman, Saying She Knew Pulse Would Be Hit

Government lawyers say the widow of the Pulse shooter knew Omar Mateen was going to murder gay club-goers -- and she didn't tell anyone.

Statements to FBI by Widow of Pulse Shooter May Doom Her

Noor Salman's statements after the massacre at a gay nightclub -- committed by her husband -- indicate she knew exactly what was going to happen.