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The A-List Interview: Josh Gad

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Josh Gad, a Tony Award nominee for The Book of Mormon, melted hearts as the voice of lovable snowman Olaf in Disney’s Frozen. Now playing a fictional version of himself opposite Billy Crystal in the FX series The Comedians, which premieres April 9, Gad explains why he’s always liked warm hugs with gay men.

The Advocate: I saw The Wedding Ringer. That was made for straight dudes, right?
Josh Gad: Yes, it appeals to heteros. But at its core, we always saw it as a bromance between my and Kevin Hart’s characters, especially with our big dance sequence.

A.V. Club called it “a 100-minute gay joke masquerading as a buddy comedy.”
That’s a surprising and completely inaccurate description. I hope it hasn’t offended anybody. Having seen the movie many times with many gay friends, I’ve never heard that criticism. I tend not to read reviews.

The film features a gay wedding planner who’s stereotypically effeminate, but it’s later revealed that he’s putting on an act to attract more rich clients.

Right, I loved that. You’ve got this gay character who never apologizes for the way that he is, and then there’s a hilarious twist that doubles down on our commitment to the fact that he’s not your typical gay character. We find out why he’s putting out that over-the-top quality, and we also find out that his lover is someone you might not expect. I thought that was so wonderful and surprising.

If we’re being honest, Mardi Gras: Spring Break was not without its homophobic moments.
Well, we all do movies that we regret. Sometimes we take what are called “money jobs,” and that’s one that I would love to eradicate from my résumé.

You’ve supported LGBT rights on Real Time With Bill Maher and as a guest columnist for USA Today. Why have you been so vocal on the subject?
First and foremost, my oldest brother, who’s my role model, happens to be gay and married. About 90% of my friends are gay, so I actually celebrate gay marriage on a monthly basis. It’s a bit of a problem, really. Now that the weddings have doubled, so has the amount of money I’m spending to travel to them.


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