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7 Things That Are Everything This Week

7 Things That Are Everything This Week


Our entertainment and event highlights this week include the detective skills of Sir Ian McKellen, the last dance for an iconic L.A. nightclub, and Paul Rudd's beefed-up bod in Ant-Man.

7t-150717-0_0 Watch, listen, party, "yaaaaas," and go with the seven things that are everything this week.

7t-banner-watch_07t-150717-7_0 Mr. Holmes
The great Sir Ian McKellen reunites with his Gods and Monsters director, Bill Condon, to offer a new view of one of fiction's most iconic characters, the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. This film finds an aged, retired Holmes trying to jog his failing memory to figure out why he's haunted by a 30-year-old case. Laura Linney costars as Holmes's housekeeper, Mrs. Munro, and newcomer Milo Parker as her young son, who wants Holmes to return to sleuthing. The movie, based on the novel A Slight Trick of the Mind by Mitch Cullin, opens today and is getting raves. The Los Angeles Times calls it an "elegant puzzler" with an "impeccable performance" by McKellen. Watch the trailer below.

7t-banner-party_0Jewel-7-things_0Jewel's Catch One "Last Dance"
One of the country's first and largest black gay discos is closing its doors and switching off the mirror ball after 42 years of continuous service, and the L.A. nightclub's founder and legendary activist, Jewel Thais-Williams, along with Bonnie Pointer of The Pointer Sisters, will be hosting a final "Last Dance" event on Saturday to commemorate and celebrate the venerable LGBT institution. Party one last time on the same dance floor where Sylvester pranced, Bette Midler filmed scenes from Beaches, and Madonna hosted her album-release party for Music. For general admission tickets and the optional VIP red carpet reception, visit

7t-banner-read_07t-150717-5_0 Go Set A Watchman
Harper Lee's long-awaited follow-up to To Kill a Mockingbird is the most talked-about book of the year, with most of the conversations centering on whether she really wanted it published, and its potential to disillusion readers about Atticus Finch -- Mockingbird's crusader for racial justice is revealed here as something else entirely. But the novel also deserves attention for its portrait of Scout Finch, returning from New York City to her hometown of Maycomb, Ala., in her 20s and seeing no place in the world for an independent, nonconformist -- and may we say butch? -- woman like herself in the repressive 1950s. Order from Amazon or visit your local bookstore.

7t-banner-go_07t-150717-4_0 Outfest Closing Night Gala
After a film-filled week of dramas like Nasty Baby, documentaries like Out to Win, cemetery outings with 54, and gory comedies like You're Killing Me, Outfest 2015 is coming to a close. On Sunday, the official winners of the Los Angeles LGBT film festival will be announced. Later in the evening, The New Girlfriend, a film by Francois Ozon (Swimming Pool) will screen at the Ace Hotel in downtown L.A. Don't miss it, and the following after-party, for a last chance to mingle with the festival's stars and filmmakers. Buy tickets here.

7t-banner-listen_07t-150717-3_0 Years & Years: Communion
Synth Britpop trio Years & Years officially dropped the album of the summer when their debut LP, Communion, was released last week. If you haven't discovered the band's savory sound yet, get ready for your new musical addiction. Out frontman Olly Alexander's stirring vocals combined with the musical genius of bassist Mikey Goldsworth, and keyboardist Emre Turkmen, make every track a pure serving of savory ear candy. Check out a sampling of the band's audio soul food with the three tracks below.

7t-banner-watch_07t-150717-2_0 Ant-Man
Paul Rudd leaps across the big screen as Marvel's little Avenger in Ant-Man, opening today. Garnering mostly positive early reviews and riding on the geektastic wave of the previous Marvel cinematic adventure, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man promises to deliver a super-serving of comic book goodness for fans craving more.

7t-banner-yas_07t-150717-1_0 Trainwreck
Do you have your doubts about the virtues of monogamy? So does Amy Schumer, who portrays a romantic skeptic in Judd Apatow's new film Trainwreck. Her character, who is a magazine writer, starts to reconsider her opinions on love after connecting with one of her interview subjects, a sports doctor played by Bill Hader. The comedian who's being celebrated for her feminist skits on Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer, has finally brought her talent to the big screen. Don't miss it this weekend in theaters, and watch the trailer below.

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