In the Galleries: Black & White Pride

In the Galleries: Black & White Pride

Rick Castro's Antebellum Gallery right off Hollywood Boulevard in the center of Hollywood does not flinch at much. Exhibits in the space require an over-21 ID and a cover charge. That allows them to put up some pretty crazy stuff on the walls — certainly more than a nice family website like ours can show.

So we present a small sampling of a few of the PG-rated pieces in the Antebellum's newest show "Black & White Pride, 2014: Sensual Interracial Relations," opening Saturday and continuing through August 18. The show includes artists Mountain Broady, Marc Littlejohn, Matt Pipes, Miguel Reyes, Ruben Esparza, Marc Debauch, and Copper as well as some of Rick Castro's work.

Check out the gallery's site for more information and see samples from the show below.

Passion Flowerx633 0

Matt Pipes

Wigx633 0

Josef Jesso


Rick Castro

Ben 6 Sepia Watercolor Copyx633 0

Nick Burger

Diptychx633 0
Mountain Broady

Littlejohnx633 0

Marc Littlejohn

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