Michael Barrymore may be investigated in drowning accident

Popular British family entertainer and comedian Michael Barrymore, who came out as gay in 1995 after a 19-year marriage and two children, may be investigated in connection with the drowning death of a 31-year-old factory worker in Barrymore’s swimming pool after a party on March 30. The [London] Mirror reports that Barrymore, 49, was already having a troubled time of it since his 18-month relationship with stockbroker Shaun Davis, 24, had dissolved the month before due in part to Barrymore’s constant partying. Barrymore and Davis had a wedding ceremony in Hawaii and were even considering adopting a child at the time of Davis’s departure. The victim, Stuart Lubbock, was found to have suffered “sexual injuries” in addition to having ingested alcohol, cocaine, and ecstacy before the accident. Friends of Barrymore claim that when the performer is able, he intends to “get out of the rat race” and “live somewhere where he’ll never be recognized or noticed,” most likely Tenerife.

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