Farewell My Concubine star's death leads to increased record sales

Asian record sales are shooting up after the death of Leslie Cheung, Chinese recording artist and star of Oscar-nominated Farewell My Concubine who died Tuesday, April 1, after leaping to his death from a hotel balcony.

Music stores in Asia have experienced a rush in sales of his albums, selling out all of their copies by the evening of his death, according to www.channelnewsasia.com. Many stores are planning on ordering more stock of his movies and records.

Because Cheung died on April Fools' Day, many fans initially thought the news reports were a bad joke. The star plunged from a balcony on the 24th floor of the five-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong's central business district, according to Mandarin spokeswoman Sally de Souza. Police said they found a note on the body explaining that Cheung had been plagued by "emotional problems."

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