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Who's coming out on The Simpsons?

Who's coming out on The Simpsons?

One of the veteran cartoon stars of The Simpsons is coming out of the closet. The odds on who it might be would seem to favor sniveling yes-man Waylon Smithers, who for years has harbored a secret crush on his boss, the evil nuclear tycoon Mr. Burns. But the show's producers refused to tell the audience at last weekend's Comic-Con if he's the one. "We have a show where, to raise money, Springfield legalizes gay marriage," producer Al Jean said in San Diego. "Homer becomes a minister by going on the Internet and filling out a form. A longtime character comes out of the closet, but I'm not saying who." Matt Groening, the show's creator, joked to the audience: "It's Homer!" The cartoon's corrupt Mayor Quimby will also face a recall election in a forthcoming episode, similar to what befell former California governor Gray Davis last year. The producers won't say whether Rainier Wolfcastle, the Austrian action-star character who parodies Arnold Schwarzenegger, will run him out of office. Groening said he still plans to make a feature film version of The Simpsons but probably won't start on it until the conclusion of the TV series, which is heading into its 16th season. (AP)

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