Clint Catalyst and Darren Stein to visit The Flyover States for ABC

Variety reports that out author Clint Catalyst (Cottonmouth Kisses) and gay filmmaker Darren Stein (Jawbreaker) are teaming up for a new ABC series to be titled The Flyover States. The drama deals with a widowed New Yorker who returns to her Arkansas hometown only to discover that big cities aren't the only hotbeds of sin and vice. "Our show is literally set on the gravel roads where I grew up," Catalyst tells Variety. "Some characters are a composite of people I know." Notes Stein: "We wanted to take it one step beyond the suburbs. One of the show's themes is, we're all outsiders in America, whether we're in a red state or a blue state. Americans are trained to be insecure, not to be sure what we want." Catalyst, Stein, and producer Jon Marcus (Party Monster) have their drama pilot set up at Touchstone TV.

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