DeGeneres and
Hedison issue statement on their split

Ellen DeGeneres
has broken her silence about her split with Alexandra
Hedison, her partner of almost four years, by issuing a
statement exclusively to Concerned that her
year-end cover story with The Advocate, illustrated
with photographs by Hedison, will be hitting newsstands
after news of their break-up, DeGeneres said she regrets
that readers will be confused by the timing of this intimate
portrait of a relationship that has suddenly ended.
Hedison is also quoted in the statement, which was
provided to The Advocate by DeGeneres's
representatives. The comments are in response to the
magazine's having asked whether the women's relationship may
have been in trouble during the production of the cover
story. Both DeGeneres and Hedison said that the timing of
the magazine's publication was unfortunate but that the
split was unforeseen.
"The one thing I regret about this cover story is
that it will be confusing for people to read and not
understand what is going on," DeGeneres said. "My life was
documented by Alex for The Advocate. That was the
first time we had done anything like this. Who knew that the
publication and timing of it would prove to be bittersweet?"
Hedison added, "I would never have done this story if
I had thought we would not be together today."
DeGeneres reaffirmed her love for Hedison, expressed
in The Advocate's interview, which was conducted
November 14. "When I said 'I love Alex, and I'm happier than
I've ever been,' all those things were true, and I still
love her and care tremendously for her," DeGeneres said. "We
are working together on the ending of our relationship on
that level and intend to keep it private. And it's important
to add that we have every intention of being in each other's lives."
Hedison expressed her love for DeGeneres as well.
"Even though this is a difficult time, I love her and will
always want what's best for her," she said.
The two women remain mutually supportive, DeGeneres
said. "Life is full of surprises, and no one knows what
tomorrow brings. This is not easy, but we are really working
on handling this in a healthy, private way. And it should go
without saying that we continue to respect and honor one
another. We both supported and helped each other through
some very hard times, and that support is still there."

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