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I Advocate...

I Advocate...

...GLAAD I've always stood for being a positive representation of the gay community on camera. In my television work over the years--from my appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show to my work as a red carpet expert for NBC's Extra--I've consistently shied away from being one of those negative, critical, snarky style experts who tell a woman what she's doing wrong--the whole "Sweetie, this trend is over" thing. I love fashion, but that's just not me. It's been harder to get ahead because of this, but I've always felt good about what I do because I'm not perpetuating stereotypes. The organization is close to home for me--my partner, Jonathan, is the chief development officer--but I truly believe the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is doing good work to educate producers about making more room for people like myself. Even when I'm not always keeping my eyes open for positive portrayals and inclusion, I know GLAAD is.

...Marc Baptiste. Though I'm a painter, I gravitate more toward photography when it comes to collecting art. Baptiste is a fashion photographer turned fine artist out of Brooklyn, and I'm inspired by the honesty and perspective of his work.

...Michael Kors. I loved him long before television discovered him. He takes a theme and truly materializes it for that woman, from the moment she wakes up and all through her day.

...espadrilles. My new obsession is a line of linen espadrilles from Spanish company Scalpers Black Label. They're sold in only a few places over here, and they look like a younger, hipper, more modern version of Stubbs & Wootton. For fall and winter, Scalpers has monogrammed velvet slippers as well.

...CBS Sunday Morning. I realized that I was officially old when I started looking forward to watching Charles Osgood every week.

...Gendarmerie Spa.
I've been going for about three years to this small, amazing men's spa in West Hollywood. When you visit the owner, Topper Schroeder, not only do you get amazing services, but you can hear these stories about gay life in the '70s, '80s, even the '60s.
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