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Bob Smith: I Advocate Cheese, Acupuncture, and Basset Hounds 

Bob Smith: I Advocate Cheese, Acupuncture, and Basset Hounds 

...The Lambda Literary Foundation
My brother nicknamed me "Bookworm" ("Worm" for short), so it's no surprise that supporting LGBT literature is a cause that makes my heart thump. Reading books is often how we come out to ourselves, and I first thought of becoming an openly gay comedian and writer after reading Joe Orton's biography and collected plays. The Lambda Literary Foundation is the leading national nonprofit for LGBT readers, writers, publishers, editors, librarians, and booksellers. Its programs include the Lambda Literary Awards, the Writers' Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices, and its website, the premier online destination for LGBT literature.

...Murray's Cheese Shop. Murray's location in Manhattan's FroYo -- the yogurt and gelato district -- has the best sandwiches in town. It also sells cheeses of every stink and a delicious salty caramel ice cream (which, amazingly, causes high cholesterol and high blood pressure).

...Blue Lotus Acupuncture Center. I'd be dead from ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) by now without the "alternative" treatments I've received at Blue Lotus, a medical center in New York City founded by visionary lesbian Jackie Haught. While Western medicine often prescribes hopelessness, Blue Lotus gives true meaning to health care, emphasizing both parts of the term.

...Edmund White's new novel. My partner, Michael, hates author readings, but we both loved hearing Edmund White read from his forthcoming novel, Jack Holmes and His Friend. It's an engaging, laugh-out-loud funny story about the friendship between a gay man and a straight one.

...being a sperm donor for a lesbian couple. I'm a deadbeat dad who's never changed a diaper and isn't expected to fork over a cent for college. Yet when I visit my 5- and 2-year-old kids, they greet me as though I'm Santa Claus, which is how their lesbian moms like it. Bonus: My mother's only grandchildren came from her gay son, and now she's too pro-gay for PFLAG.

...Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue. Our beloved late dog Bozzie, a beagle-basset mix, came to us through this rescue group. He was a laboratory dog, frightened, unable to bark, but became a wonderfully affectionate and happy animal. Michael and I truly believe adopting a rescue will profoundly change a dog's life and yours.
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