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Rebel Wilson: Big Fun

Rebel Wilson: Big Fun

You made a really big impression at the VMAs a few weeks ago in that crazy T-shirt dress airbrushed with a girl's body in desperate need of a bikini wax. That had to have been Matt Lucas’s idea.
Actually, it wasn’t Matt’s idea to do the pubic hair, but it was kind of his idea. I said some line referring to masturbation, and that was his idea. Because I’m like, “Matt I just need to say something funny. What should I do?” But then I just thought why not wear a bikini T-shirt and add pubic hair? I thought it could be funny or it could be a career-ender. I spoke to Rihanna and Katy Perry after, and they really laughed. They thought it was super funny. My mum didn’t. Sometimes my mum is very disapproving of my comedy. She thinks I go too far and can be too rude and bring shame on the family, but I try to tell her, “No, Ma, it’s to get attention for the movie.”

Well, that was what everybody was talking about the next morning. It just seemed so reminiscent of Matt’s Little Britain series to me.
That’s interesting. Yeah, I’m going to tell Matt that.

You exert such confidence both in your film performances and on your talk show appearances. Where does that come from?
[Laughs] I don’t know. I think because I had this hallucination that I was going to be an actress and that I was going to be really good, even though the odds are so against you becoming an actress and especially someone who looks like me, who is not real glamorous. I just always thought I’d be good, even at the first. And I was so nervous to get in front of people and whatever, but there was just something inside of me that I just thought, No I will be good. Just keep going and keep trying. And then weirdly now it’s kind of become true, but I think if you just stay true to yourself and just show people who you are, then, hopefully, they’ll like it.


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