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Hot Sheet: Let The Games Begin

Hot Sheet: Let The Games Begin


It's finally here. Oh, and some other entertainment highlights this week -- George Michael, vampires, you know, that kind of thing.

10. FILM: The Weigh In

Award-winning directors The Perez Bros. have re-imagined the sport of boxing in their latest short film The Weigh In. Staring Brian Patterson as the boxer in the red shorts and Taylor Lambert as the boxer in blue shorts, this groundbreaking new short was inspired by the Perez's film production work with Showtime Sports and the Ultimate Fighting Championship -- resulting in a film that shatters stereotypes and boldly confronts homophobia in the world of contact sports. Watch The Weigh In below, and for more of the Perez Bros.' work, visit -- Jase Peeples

9. MUSIC: George Michael, "Let Her Down Easy" (NSFW)

After some very tumultuous years, George Michael finally returns to making music. He just released a gorgeous video for his new song, "Let Her Down Easy," a cover of a Terence Trent D'Arby tune. Like many of his videos, Michael doesn't appear, but it's still worth your time -- it's a sad and gorgeous tale of the carnival life, with a NSFW ending. The song comes from Michael's forthcoming Symphonica album. -- Neal Broverman

8. APS: Moovz
Meeting new gay friends around the globe is easier than ever for the guy on the go with Moovz, a new one-of-a-kind social platform that aims to change the way individuals connect with the global gay community. Available for both iPhone and Android devices, Moovz provides a common space where users around the world are free to speak, free to share, and free to be. Learn more at -- Jase Peeples

7. Web Series: Glass Slipper Confessionals

If you're curious to know what it's really like to be Cinderella, forget the Disney stuff. The story really begins after she loses Prince Charming (to Prince Valiant), and Cindy's forced to move back in with the terribly evil family that she fled just six months prior. In this series, you'll meet Cindy's grotesque stepsisters, and observe what drives the used and abused former princess to drink. Watch the series at -- Michelle Garcia

6. MUSIC: Bobby Newberry, "Sweat"

Bobby Newberry has so far been best known as a choreographer, working behind the scenes on shows like The X Factor on others' dance moves. But with the impending release of his first EP (on February 18), the quick-footed Newberry is ready to use a whole different skill: his voice. His single "Sweat" sounds like a gay club classic: a highly danceable beat with a repetitive lyrical structure. The video for "Sweat," released earlier this week, is equally high-octane, an exhilarating blast of energy that makes dancing in black in the Mojave desert seem like a sensible weekend plan. Plus, Newberry's abs are on display in the video -- a true oasis in the desert. Get sweaty with Newberry in the video below. -- Kevin O'Keeffe


5. Book: Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

Teenager Austin Szerba's going through all the normal problems of growing up: he's got a girlfriend, he's struggling with his sexuality, he's constantly horny, and he's accidentally unleashed a wave of six-foot-tall praying mantises onto his town. As the world crashes down around him in this Andrew Smith young adult novel, Austin remains far more invested in sorting through his feelings for girlfriend Shann and best friend Robby, but eventually has to face down the near-apocalypse. A coming-of-age story for a new age of young readers, Smith's book is the kind of strange story with bisexual themes we love. -- Kevin O'Keeffe


4. MUSIC: Matt Goss "I Do"

This gorgeous crooner is a big-deal in his native U.K., and has a growing fanbase stateside, which he helped cement with a residence at Las Vegas's Caesars Palace that was just extended into June. Goss releases his debut EP, I Do, on Tuesday,featuring four songs of seduction. This debonair star, who cites Bowie, Queen, Elvis, and Sinatra as influences, is currently prepping a full album for a spring release. Take a listen to the title track below. -- Kevin O'Keeffe



For popular teenagers Fawcett (Sasha Pieterse), Caprice (Xosha Roquemore), and 'Shley (Andrea Bowen), this season's must-have accessory -- and golden ticket to becoming prom queen -- is a G.B.F., or a gay best friend. The only problem? There are no gay men at their school -- who are out, at least. But a Grindr-like app allows the girls to identify the closeted Tanner (Michael J. Willett), and adopt him as their own, transforming him from a shy social outcast to the high school's hottest commodity. Directed by Darren Stein (Jawbreaker) and written by George Northy, GBF is a fun and frothy romp through high school with nods to Pygmalion, Mean Girls, Glee, and John Hughes.

GBF is released February 11 on DVD. Join the cast and crew for the official release party Thursday, February 13, at 9 p.m. at The Abbey in West Hollywood. Get all the details here. - Daniel Reynolds


2. FILM: Vampire Academy

Brothers Mark Water, the director of Mean Girls, and Daniel Waters, the screenwriter of Heathers, have marvelously joined forces for the campy fantasy film Vampire Academy, which premieres this weekend. Based on the best-selling young adult series by Richelle Bead, the plot follows Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch), a half-human, half-vampire teenager, who must navigate the volatile social ecosystem of St. Vladimir's Academy. While attending this bloodthirsty prep school, Rose must protect her best friend Lissa Dragomir (Lucy Fry), a possible vampiric royal, from undead creatures and field a potential crush with an instructor (Danila Kozlovsky). Do vampires wear pink on Wednesdays? Find out, and watch the Vampire Academy trailer below. - Daniel Reynolds


1. TV: The 2014 Winter Olympics

Will gay snowboarders and speed skaters get arrested for holding hands in the Olympic village? Will lesbian-adjacent Russian singers t.A.T.u. give us an awful earworm just like the ones they gave us with that ridiculously ubiquitous "All The Things She Said" song? Will a gay athlete have their Jesse Owens moment right in front of President Vlad? Will the opening ceremony be the most amazing Russian propaganda piece, greater than every bit of so-called gay propaganda combined? All we know is that everyone's eyes will be on Sochi for what promises to be an incredibly memorable games. The opening ceremony, broadcast on NBC Friday at 7:30 p.m., kicks off two weeks of figure skating, ski jumping, curling, and every other sport we all become obsessed with every four years. - Michelle Garcia

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