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The Top 15 Gay(ish) Blogs

The Top 15 Gay(ish) Blogs


Gays are everywhere. Want proof? Politics (, pop culture (, and something for everyone (, The Advocate tracks down the 15 best gay(ish) blogs online.

The gays are everywhere. Want proof? Head to the Web. Gay and gay-inclusive blogs are popping up everywhere, and with a Democrat in the White House and marriage sweeping New England, expect the World Wide Web to keep leaning liberal.

But what are the must-read gay(ish) blogs? The Advocate counts them down for you, in no particular order. AmericaBlog serves up liberal news and opinion about U.S. politics, because, as the masthead declares, "a great nation deserves the truth." The blog was created in 2004 by attorney and staunch LGBT activist John Aravosis, who once led a boycott of Dr. Laura after she called homosexuality a "biological error." Did Gawker invent snark or merely perfect it? Covering a swath from D.C. to NYC to Hollywood, this blog gathers celebrity blind items ("Which Secretly-Gay Summer Movie Star Has Size Issues?") and turns its jaundiced eye firmly on talk TV ("Martha Stewart Foists Grotesque Cupcakes on Beleaguered Nation"), politics ("Finally, Someone Brave Enough to Call Sonia Sotomayor 'J-Lo'"), and regular news about homos ("Is Bruno Good for the Gays?"). Add in the meanest/cleverest commenters online, and it's a living version of the old saw -- "If you don't have something nice to say, come sit by me." Whether he's calling Cynthia Nixon's other half Rojo Caliente or stirring up trouble between Demi Moore and Marie Osmond, few people "report" pop culture like DListed's Michael K. With a love of all thinks lesbian, Salma Hayek, or just plain filthy, DListed's deliciously smart yet altogether inappropriate approach brings a much-needed gay bent to Hollywood gossip. Launched in 2005 by liberal columnist Ariana Huffington, The Huffington Post has quickly become a beacon of political news and analysis for the left. Star contributors have included Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore, and Alec Baldwin, and the site has become a sounding board for bloggers advocating marriage equality. The site draws nearly 9 million hits each month. Good as You's Jeremy Hooper has a higher threshold for ignorance than most. He is in constant contact with some of the most vitriolic people in the antigay movement, but he keeps his cool, and does it with a sense of humor each day on his blog. Movies, models, and men with hardly any clothing on. Oh la la indeed! The blog is written by real-life couple Stephane Marquet and Aleksandar Tomovic, who conceived of Oh La La Mag when they wanted an outlet for their fashion photography. A few years later, it's the first stop for several modeling agencies looking to get their clients a bit of exposure -- and love from the gay masses. Michelangelo Signorile, a founding editor of the controversial, now-defunct magazine OutWeek and a current Advocate contributor, offers his always-intriguing take on the state of gay rights and other political and cultural topics. You can also view clips of his television appearances -- such as a debate with conservative pundit Laura Ingraham -- and get a free three-day pass to listen online to his eponymous radio show, which airs daily on Sirius XM's OutQ. The five-year-old blog run by former Genre editor Andy Towle is a respectable mishmash of gay news, hot boys (footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia are favorites), and esoteric subjects like space travel or skyscraper architecture. With the site's distinctive black background, eye-catching photos, and nonsnarky text, Towle has captured a lot of readers. The fact that he often presents his subjects with little opinion and allows his commenters to make their own judgments has helped his site stand out among LGBT blogs. No topic is sacred at the blog on the site of TV and film production company World of Wonder ( The Eyes of Tammy Faye,RuPaul's Drag Race,101 Rent Boys ). Its bloggers consider each of these surreal topics equally newsworthy: candid shots of thousand-year old L.A. icon Angelyne at the gas station, clips of manscaping ads from Gillette, misspelled celebrity tattoos, the Japanese video artist obsession with gay porn star Billy Herrington -- and we love them for that. Looking for the weirdest and wildest clips to post to your Facebook page? Start here. Perez Hilton has come a long way since the days when he used to draw obscenities on people's pictures and post them online. OK, so he still does that (at least once a week with people like Megan Fox and Kirstie Alley). But Hilton has also evolved. In the wake of his much-publicized row with Miss California over gay marriage, Hilton has emerged as a gay rights advocate for the masses: Speaking eloquently on Larry King Live, using his blog to bring attention to human rights causes, and, through his connections to the teen celeb set, getting girls like Miley Cyrus and Heidi Montag to voice their support for marriage equality. Reading The Slog, a blog housed by indie weekly newspaper The Stranger, will make anyone want to live in Seattle. Add the fact that it has a diverse team of writers and is infused with humorist, advice columnist, and news blogger Dan Savage's wit, and you have a good morning read. Pam Spaulding's blog isn't flashy, but it doesn't need to be: It's smart. In the rush to update their content, most sites don't find time to analyze. Not Pam -- her news-centered content delves into issues of race, religion, and politics and their affect on gay and transgender people. Spaulding launched Pam's House Blend during the 2004 presidential campaign as a place for people to discuss issues intelligently; hence the coffeehouse-related name. If you want gossip without a heaping pile of snark bordering on cruelty, Trent is your man - and Pink Is the New Blog is the site. A sexy overhaul a few months ago has definitely put Pink on a more professional level. : Out Magazine 's pop culture blog is a little bit fashion, a little bit alterna-chic, and a whole lot of fun. From exclusive photos from big gay events to one off-chats with gay(ish) celebs like Katy Perry, Tori Amos and Pete Wentz, Popnography has a lock on the pulse of gay entertainment -- and manages to make it all looks so damn glamorous.

Rod 2.0: Self-described former "television producer-writer-gym-rat-wannabe-novelist" Rod McCullom is the mind behind Rod 2.0, a popular gay news blog. With an emphasis on African-American LGBT issues, McCullom writes about subjects like AIDS rates in Chicago, Maya Angelou campaigning for marriage equality, and the president's unfulfilled promises to gay Americans. In between all the news, Rod manages to squeeze in a few cheesecake shots of stars like L.L. Cool J.

-- List compiled by Matthew Breen, Neal Broverman, Michelle Garcia, Scott McPherson, Amita Parashar, Trudy Ring, Ross von Metzke, and Hunter Trevelyan Wyndham

* Check back on Tuesday, June 23 for's wrap up of the best political coverage online.

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