Jessica and
Dolly Get Intimate

Jessica and
            Dolly Get Intimate

“Do you
know how beautiful you are here in the afterglow... Do you
know how much it means to me / The way you make me
feel / Like I could soar the heavens / Gathering
shooting stars / Place them in a bouquet / In a
rainbow-studded jar.” Sounds like the stuff sappy
love songs of the ’80s were made of. Trouble
is, it’s 2008 -- and the song is a duet between
Jessica Simpson and...Dolly Parton?

The lyrics to the
song were leaked online in anticipation of Simpson’s
debut country album Do You Know? in stores now.
And the blogs immediately went nuts, some suggesting the two
buxom blonds had found their own "island in the
stream," and ladies’ sites like and are wondering when Parton suddenly became so open
to addressing those rumors.

The duet is
perhaps an even bigger surprise considering the Kennedy
Center Honors disaster back in 2006 -- when Simpson botched
the lyrics to "9 to 5" -- twice -- while
paying tribute to Parton. Simpson later told E!
that Parton talked her back from the brink of
retirement after that flub.

Guess we know how
Simpson likes to show her appreciation.

What do you think? Awkward, or only if you read too much into things? Let us know with your comments.

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