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T-Pain Breaks it Down For 'All Homophobic Idiots'

T-Pain Breaks it Down For 'All Homophobic Idiots'

With rumblings and rumors of gay NFL players possibly coming out of the closet soon, many athletes have stepped up to offer their support.

However, a number of other players have been less welcoming, stating they would not be comfortable with a gay teammate in the locker-room.

But rap artist T-Pain had some sage advice for homophobes who are losing sleep over the thought of a possible same-sex admirer and tweeted it out earlier this week.

The hyper-masculine world of hip-hop, like the NFL, has long been saddled with an antigay reputation, but T-Pain’s tweet is proof that attitudes are changing and more allies for equality are stepping forward every day.

Even more encouraging is the fact that his tweet was not only favorited and but also retweeted by thousands of his followers.

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