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News from within the borders of Austin in Texas and the fight for equality there. Austin, the state capital and home to the main University of Texas campus, has a reputation for progressive politics evident in previous actions by the council. It has banned antigay discrimination by businesses operating in the city and offered domestic-partner benefits to municipal employees. LGBT rights group Equality Texas had asked the council to take a stand on marriage equality. Because of the large conservative political presence in Texas, advances for LGBT rights can be difficult to achieve.

Arrest Made in Antigay Attack on Austin Couple

The couple said they heard someone shout an antigay slur, and then four or five men attacked them.

Religious Right: Trans Priests, Gay Ministers Descending on Texas

Christian right media sources falsely claim Austin's civil rights ordinance will force churches to hire LGBTQ people.

Christian Group Gives 'Free Hugs' at Austin Pride

Jen Hatmaker and her husband organized a group of church members to give "free hugs" to LGBTQ paraders in Austin Saturday.

97 Pics from Austin's Biggest Gay Dance Party Weekend

Austin Splash Days, an annual fundraiser for the local LGBT community, attracts people from all over the world. Many of them look ultra-fine in their swimwear.

From the Women's March: Austin

Turnout surpassed 40,000 people in the Texas capital, according to police estimates.

A Hot, Historic Pride Is Austin's Biggest Event of the Year (Photos)

An estimated 350,000 people attended the nighttime Pride parade this year.

Texas Students Stage 'Cocks Not Glocks' Protest

Students at the University of Texas at Austin made headlines waving dildos on campus, to highlight the absurdity that guns are allowed but sex toys are not. 

Airbnb Host Cancels Gay Man's Booking, Says LGBT People Are 'Against Humanity'

Due to Airbnb's antidiscrimination policy, the host will no longer be able to list accommodations with the company.

Pastor Sues Whole Foods for Alleged Homophobic Slur on Cake

An Austin gay man claims the word "fag" was written on a cake he ordered from the store's bakery. 

Antigays Ask Texans to Fight LGBT 'Army' -- With Money

The leader of Texas Values, whose wife famously left him for another woman, has his hand out again, this time to spread the news about an antigay law that's already been enacted.…

Texas Supreme Court to Consider Gay Divorce

The state's highest court is also expected to examine whether Texas's constitutional amendment prohibiting marriage equality violates the U.S. Constitution.