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Read the latest on bisexuality from The Advocate. Browse the most recent commentary pieces from contributors, breaking news about political and cultural developments that affect the bisexual community, updates about bisexual public figures like YouTube’s R.J. Aguiar and Eliel Cruz, and reports about statistics related to bisexuality like bi erasure and discrimination. Find out about bisexual celebrities like Lady Gaga, Alan Cumming, Anna Paquin, and more, who are giving an international spotlight and voice for this community.

The Staten Island native costars in Ryan Murphy's Texas-set drama.

April 08 2021 12:57 PM

TV’s first Black and bisexual superhero is sending up a signal for those who see themselves in her.

April 07 2021 8:00 AM

“Girlhood was a darker time for many than we’re often willing to acknowledge,” the author writes in her latest book.

March 23 2021 3:54 PM

A federal minimum wage hike, which the bisexual senator voted against, would have lifted up many in her own community.

March 08 2021 3:25 PM

Andra Day and Lee Daniels chat with The Advocate about the power of “Strange Fruit” and the importance of celebrating all of Holiday's intersections.  

February 25 2021 8:58 AM

On the upside, there's a trailer for new episodes of the queer series Wynonna Earp out nowBut it's bittersweet as the series ushers in its final episodes.  

February 08 2021 3:25 PM

Dickinson creator Alena Smith and star Hailee Steinfeld on the addicting series's queer DNA. 

February 01 2021 5:34 PM