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Puppet Masters

The Music and the Mirror

Jonny McGovern: Gay Pimp of All Media

The queer comedian talks about The Big Gay Sketch Show, getting famous from music videos in the dark days before YouTube, and his popular podcast Gay Pimpin' With Jonny McGovern, highlighted on a new best-of CD

The Sissy Awards

Among many gays, "sissy" is a distinction worthy of honor, sort of like the red badge of courage. But among closed-minded straights, it's a devastating insult, which is why The Advocate bestows the word on the following irritants of 2008.

Little Britain Hops the Pond

Matt Lucas and David Walliams bring their smash U.K. comedy show to the United States, mixing new characters with beloved old favorites. Is America ready for "the only gay in the village"?

And Now for a Word From Our Furry Friends

Logo's new documentary on the bear culture, Bear Run, will provide insight for newbies but still barely scratches the surface

When Comic-Con Became Comic-Cannes

This year Hollywood had its fingerprints all over San Diego's annual celebration of nerd culture.

Our Big Fat Historic Wedding License Day

The fifth time is the charm as one blogger and his partner prepare to get married in West Hollywood.

The Living End Lives Again

Gregg Araki's sexy and angry AIDS road movie hits DVD in a revamped new edition.

Memories of Heath

On the cusp of Brokeback mania, former Advocate editor Alonso Duralde spoke frankly with Heath Ledger for the magazine's January 17, 2006 cover story. Below is the interview in its entirety, along with Duralde's remembrances of the promising and conflicted actor.

The Sissy Awards

Every year we have to endure our fair share of idiots, but this year takes the cake. So we here at The Advocate have reinstated our annual sissy awards, recognizing those who show arrogant stupidity, dishonesty, or just a severe lack of spine. From Paris Hilton to Peter Pace, let's give it up for this year's winners losers.

Back in black

Has gay culture finally caught up to Cruising?

Movie marathon

For the month of June, Turner Classic Movies celebrates Pride by airing a treasure trove of gay films.

Charles in charge

Charles Nelson Reilly has the last laugh. In this October 9, 2001 interview the pop culture oddball and theater director opens up with The Advocate.

No, no, no, no way

Oscar turns its golden back on Dreamgirls' and Volver's gay fans--but it's an interesting year for the lesbians.

Open house

An unlikely TV dad takes in a homeless gay teenager on Fox's The War at Home.

Superman wears Prada

Superman Returns and The Devil Wears Prada both soar--and eventually crash.

The sexy professor

Doug Spearman, the out actor who plays buttoned-up Chance on Noah's Arc, swears he's nothing like his character. Well, except for that part about driving his car into a cheating boyfriend's house.

Search this

Douglas Coupland returns with a hilarious new novel that explores tech culture, Ronald McDonald, lesbian separatists, and the nightmare of being Googled.

How gay is Superman?

Read the Advocate cover story that has Warner Bros. nervous about whether the gay appeal of Superman Returns is good for the box office. As featured in the Los Angeles Times and on the Drudge Report.