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Greece FINALLY legalizes same-sex marriage & the gays are having a kiki

Social media users had a lot to say about Greece welcoming marriage equality.

Bridgerton's new clip & surprise fan wedding have us gagging

What in the holy realm of love is happening here?!

Out Sports Journalist Matt Napolitano Has Died, Age 33

Napolitano's death was announced on social media by his husband of seven months.

How Your Fave LGBTQ+ Celebs Made This Yuletide Celebration Extra Gay

Who said celebrities weren't just like us?

Disney Omits 'Gay' Lyric From Song During a Florida Theme Park Performance

Is Disney World joining the ”don’t say gay” movement in Florida?

17 Celebs Who Are Out & Proud of Their Trans & Nonbinary Kids

These stars are out and proud of their children.

Champions of Pride 2023: Author and Activist Pidgeon Pagonis

They're focused on ending non-consensual surgeries and reminding us that intersex people are natural and beautiful just as they are.

Champions of Pride 2023: Comedian and Author Fern Brady

In her new book, the bisexual comic offers an honest and humorous look at her life, from dealing with undiagnosed autism to becoming a rising star in stand-up.

NASCAR Racer Zach Herrin Wears His Gay Identity Proudly

The out motorsports contender found sponsors turning their back on him — until one of the most influential LGBTQ+ organizations took his phone call.