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How I Reconcile Being a Gay Catholic

Queer Catholics have long had to reconcile the dichotomy of evil in the pulpit and what they believe.

Top 10 LGBT Sporty Moments of 2014

The moments that scored major LGBT points in the sports world this year.

Lesbian Basketballers Sue Pepperdine for Discrimination

Two women say their coach and others harassed them and wanted them off the team at the Christian university.

A Double Life No More: Top College Swimmer Comes Out

Olympic hopeful Tom Luchsinger writes about the forces that kept him in the closet and why he decided to come out.

WATCH: Michael Sam Shares Story for #IAmUnbroken Campaign

Sam tells a story of resilience in the face of disappointment as part of a video campaign launched in conjunction with the new film Unbroken.

MMA Fighter: I'm Not Gay, But I Still Could Be

UFC fighter Anderson Silva says he was bullied as a child because people thought he was gay -- and he's still keeping the possibility open that he might discover he is someday.

Who Was the First Person Robbie Rogers Came Out To?

The MLS Cup champion tells his funny and random coming-out story.

10 LGBT Athletes Who Prove We're Real Toughies

We're kicking butt and taking names!

Outfielder Torii Hunter Snaps Over Marriage Equality Question

Outfielder Torii Hunter snapped back at a reporter who asked him questions about his opposition to marriage equality

Michael Sam: 'I Don't Think It Had To Do With Talent'

A slightly distracted Michael Sam says his status as a football player is not based on his abilities on the field.

Baseball Umpire Dale Scott Comes Out as Gay

Veteran professional baseball umpire Dale Scott says he felt the time was right to let the world know he is gay.

Greg Louganis Has Some Advice For You

Olympian Greg Louganis's life has been full of achievements, and he thinks more of us can be like him if we live our truth.

Jason Collins Announces Retirement

Collins, the first openly gay active player in a major men's pro team sport, is ending his basketball career.

IOC Proposes Gay-Inclusive Antibias Language for Olympic Charter

The proposal, announced today, is one of 40 recommendations the International Olympic Committee will vote on in December.

Michael Sam Named to GQ's Men of the Year

The first openly gay NFL draftee gets yet another honor.

Soccer: Robbie Rogers Will Stay in Los Angeles

Rogers, the only openly gay player in America's professional soccer league, will stay with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Op-ed: NFL Only Starting on Uphill Cultural Battle

The NFL faces an uphill cultural battle, when there are still figures involved, like Deion Sanders, who believe being gay is a choice.

The Moment Johnny Weir Cried in Sochi

Olympian and gay ice skater Johnny Weir on his love for Russia, that one time he called LGBT activists 'idiots' (and then apologized), and the importance of a great pair of leggings.

Robbie Rogers to Present Guardian Award at Outfest Legacy Awards

Out soccer player Robbie Rogers will present an award to denim maker Levi's

Out Basketball Star Brittney Griner Faces Knife Attack

Brittney Griner, who is playing basketball in China, was attacked by a man with a knife this week.