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Michael Sam on NFL Status: “I Don’t Think It Had To Do With Talent”

Michael Sam on NFL Status: “I Don’t Think It Had To Do With Talent”

To date, Michael Sam has remained relatively tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding his status within the NFL. The former SEC Defensive Player of the Year was drafted and eventually cut by the St. Louis Rams, before he was then signed to the Dallas Cowboys practice squad. The Cowboys released Sam in late October.

Sam was approached by TMZ at LAX Wednesday morning, where the entertainment news site asked Sam about his career and his future, expressing curiosity about what his next step would be. “Isn’t everyone curious?” Sam answered. “I’m curious myself.”

Sam appeared relatively disengaged with the interviewer, but perked up when he was asked whether he thought his talent or his sexuality was the primary reason he is yet to play in an NFL regular season game. "I think I was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year last year,” he responded. “So I don't think it had to do with talent." The comment clearly implies he feels coming out publically in February had an effect on his current non-status in the NFL.

Sam says he remains “absolutely” committed to playing in the NFL, and scoffed at TMZ’s final question about whether or not he would consider a career in acting. “I’m a football player,” he said, as he was joined on camera by boyfriend Vito Cammisano.

Here's the full video:

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