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The Entertainer Lily Tomlin

Gilded Lily

The last word on Brokeback vs Crash

What was it like to be right there, backstage at the Oscars, when the 2006 Best Picture award went to Crash? Now that Brokeback Mountain is out on DVD, veteran Oscar scribe Bruce Vilanch revisits Oscar night--and the conspiracy theories gay moviegoers have lived with ever since

Hello from all of us

Brokeback pyramid

Everygay people

Hasta la vista, Arnold

The new gay tube

The Playbill hustle

Looking at Logo

Hot gay summer

Gay, in other words

The most flamboyant, theatrical, outrageous things get noticed at pride, while the earnest and the ordinary get shunted off to an expo booth.

Chad Allen: His own story

The former teen idol and current actor-producer-activist tells all about his 1996 tabloid outing, his circuit party days, and his road to self-acceptance