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After Roe: Here's the GOP Plan Kill to Marriage Equality, LGBTQ Rights

Barring some highly improbable miracle, marriage equality will probably not exist nationally by 2024 -- possibly 2025 at the latest.

The JK Rowling Scandal Is Anti-Trans Bigotry Masquerading as Science

The author bought into a hateful ruse by supporting committed transphobe Maya Forstater.

Is Refusing to Date Trans People Transphobic?

The thin line between preferences and prejudice.

Nearly 30% of All Federal Judges Could Be Trump-Appointed by 2021

Democratic candidates must tell us how they will protect us from Trump's assault on the judiciary.

What Does the Anti-Trans Memo Mean?

The denial of trans people's existence would marginalize them even further, in many ways -- but we can keep it from happening.

How to Avoid Publishing Writers Who Enable Bigots

Journalists like Jesse Singal -- who wrote a much-derided story on transgender children -- need a warning label at the very least, Brynn Tannehill says.

'Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria' Is Biased Junk Science

A frighteningly biased piece on trans youth was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, says Brynn Tannehill, who breaks down why it's so wrong.

Every Trans Person Apparently Has Villainous Superpowers

To some conservatives, adultery and sexual assault are OK if the right people are doing it. But being trans -- well, that's always a sin that trumps everything else.

Here's How Catholic Bishops Truly Feel About Trans People

Brynn Tannehill "translated" a recent letter from Catholic bishops that declared transgender people are figments of everyone's imagination.

The Right Wing Now Controls the West Wing. Here's Its Ultimate Goal

Homophobic hate groups like the Family Research Council smell blood in the water.

How to Detect and Debunk Anti-Trans Propaganda in the Media

A primer, in 15 steps.

You Should Never Go 'Full Tranny'

Matt Bomer's new film epitomizes the dangers of "transface."

All Monsters Are Human

It's now considered impolite to call transgender people names in public, but we're still treated like subhuman beasts.

Making America Great Again Apparently Means Separate but Equal

The Trump administration's abandonment of trans youth will have real consequences, writes Brynn Tannehill.

Complex Solutions to Something That Never Was a Problem

The GOP's concern with civil liberties begins at the Second Amendment and ends somewhere near a public restroom. 

Don't Get Discouraged — All the Hate Means We're Winning

The Southern freak-out over LGBT rights is reminiscent of past reactions to equality gains.

10 Things We’ve Learned From the North Carolina Debacle

Here's your primer on where we go from here.

Why Visibility Is Not Enough for Trans Equality

Trans Day of Visibility is vital, but it will take legal might to end "bathroom bills" and other legislated animus.

Lambda Literary Foundation Snuffs Out Anti-Trans Scandal

Withdrawing an award nomination from Alice Dreger was the right thing to do, writes Brynn Tannehill.

With SCOTUS Pick, Obama Backed GOP Into a Corner

Before he checks out of the White House, the president just may get the last laugh.