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At End of SCOTUS Term, Where Are We on LGBTQ+ Rights?

The court's ambiguous rulings have induced much head-scratching.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws Will Move to States, With Trump Judges to Defend Them

A new presidential administration is just a starting point for LGBTQ+ justice.

Five Reasons We're Winning the Bathroom War

We've learned a lot since that debacle in Houston last fall.

Here's the ACLU's 2016 LGBT Agenda

The American Civil Liberties Union has a hefty to-do list when it comes to LGBT rights.

Op-ed: The Equality Act Is Necessary for LGBTs — and All Women

James Esseks of the ACLU says the proposed Equality Act will usher in sweeping changes for almost all minorities.

Op-ed: Gay People Raising Kids No Longer a Legal Target

In less than a decade, our families have gone from a tactic to block marriage equality to one of the best arguments for legal relationship recognition.

A Very Personal Side of Challenging Marriage Laws

Some of the people who are making marriage a reality through legal challenges are doing so by sharing their toughest moments with the world.

Op-ed: In the Wake of Windsor

A year after Edie Windsor's case helped ring in federal recognition of same-sex relationships, full equality is only becoming more tangible.

Op-ed: Virginia Is Next on the Road to Marriage Equality

Attorneys will argue in court Tuesday that Virginia must establish marriage equality. Here are the couples who are showing the state why its laws must change.