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War Zone in Belgrade

Selective Outrage

Tripping Over a Leg Up

Looking to Maine

Cruise Control

The Tragic Paradox of Tel Aviv

COMMENTARY: James Kirchick says last week's shooting at a gay youth center in Tel Aviv could have only happened in Israel ... because it's the only place in the Middle East where gay people can meet in the open.

Time to Crash the Party

While the White House hemorrhages LGBT support, James Kirchick wonders: Why isn't the GOP vying for our votes?

Bill Clinton: Now He Gets It?

At long last, Bill Clinton has said he "basically" supports gay marriage. Interesting, considering the most pressing causes of the gay rights movement today are the result of problems he created as president.

Putrid Perez

COMMENTARY: The latest scandal involving Perez Hilton presents an opportunity to ask the million dollar question: How has this half-literate typist become one of the most prominent gay people in the country?

The Upside of Prop. 8

Emotion ruled triumphant when the California supreme court ruled to uphold Prop. 8. But at this point, the focus should be on convincing the majority that marriage equality is a just cause.

Laws Can Only Go So Far

Iowa's supreme court decision was a major victory for marriage equality. But it will take more than mere legal decisions for gays to win social approval.

God Hates Censorship

When U.K. officials barred the Reverend Fred Phelps from entering the country, they didn't just give the infamous bigot undue attention, they violated one of the most important principles of freedom.

Sexual Resolution

The Obama administration's decision to support the U.N. declaration to decriminalize homosexuality is cause to celebrate -- and cause for gay rights activists to hold the new president accountable for real change.

Rusted Steele

New GOP chairman Michael Steele was supposed to be a breath of fresh air, especially on gay issues. Instead, he's been a disappointment.

Bill Moyers, Gay-Baiter

Before he became the self-righteous scold of the liberal television commentariat, Moyers served as a special assistant to Lyndon Johnson, during which time he ordered investigations to expose gays.