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Oped Why Gay Men Love The Theater

Comedy Central's Jim David says he fit into the theater world, but the theater world didn't agree.

The Conservatives Made Me Do It

Right-wing rhetoric may have inspired one man to violence in Tennessee. Thanks, Ann Coulter!

Sally Kern: A Star is Boring

What happened when this antigay wingnut was exposed on YouTube? She saw it as her big break.

Support Your Local Gay Performer

Gay men will turn out in droves to support our favorite female stars. But with gay entertainers, we're not interested. What's up with that?

Antigay and Proud

A look at the latest crop of hate-based groups from coast to coast.

Don Imus: Not alone

In wake of Don Imus' racial slurs against Rutgers women's basketball team, Advocate columnist Jim David reveals the dark secret of morning radio hosts: they're all style over substance white males afraid of minorities at their dinner table.

If Edwards is the f word, what word is Coulter?

Ann Coulter tried to explain away her antigay remark about Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards as a mere "schoolyard taunt." But as comedian Jim David points out, the calculating blond pressmonger knew exactly what she was doing--and her deliberate verbal gaffe betrays the conservative spirit at its most vile.

In defense of Jay Leno

As one comedy writer to another, Advocate contributor Jim David asks Avenue Q creator Jeff Whitty whether his letter complaining about Jay Leno's gay jokes was really warranted. Making someone the butt of a joke isn't the same as bashing them

Jim David: Don't ask, do sweep

Don't ask, do sweep

Conservatives off the deep end

Right-wingers and family values vultures, newly drunk with power, are reaching a level of hypocritical hysteria that makes last year's Janet Jackson breast brouhaha seem like a tempest in a C cup