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Jojo Siwa on Joining Forces With the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Rocket Fund

The initiative is a $125 million campaign to redouble the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Adam Lambert on Becoming the Voice of London Pride, Nail Polish, and Queen

His new song will be the theme for London Pride, and he has made his first movie, has created his own nail polish, and will soon return to Queen for a North America tour

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka on Their Special Relationship With Drag Queens

Their latest project is further proof of their love for drag, and both offer words of support and encouragement during a difficult time for the community.

Memorial Day Lesson: Hate Diminishes the Memory of Our Fallen

Bob Casey fought so that we could have the freedom to be ourselves — including marry who we love, embrace our gender identity, and teach our children acceptance.

Jamie Raskin Opens Up About Cancer Recovery, Bravery, and Mental Health Awareness

The Maryland congressman talks about whitewashing January 6, Nancy Pelosi, and the importance of mental health awareness.

Anderson Cooper Lives in His Own Silo

CNN gives insurrectionist, accused felon, and convicted sex offender Donald Trump a bullhorn, and the network's star journalist thinks it's fantastic.

Dolly, Why Feature Transphobe Kid Rock on Your New Album?

Dolly Parton is all about love, but by singing with the hateful Kid Rock, she’s shown us how much love she has for us.

Marginalized Legislator? You’re Expelled!

Are recent racist and transphobic moves by state legislatures in Montana, Tennessee and Nebraska a trend?

Bernie Wagenblast Steps All the Way In, Giving Voice to Hope

At 66, the New York City subway announcer comes out as trans amid life’s chaos, confusion, and contest, finally reaching her destination.

Nancy Pelosi Has a Lot to Say About Drag, San Francisco, and the GOP

In an exclusive interview, the speaker emerita discusses her long history with the LGBTQ+ community and says Republican politicians are "losers."

On Bloody Monday, Tucker Carlson's Exit Is Goriest

When a company's bottom line shrinks, someone always pays the price, with Anheuser-Busch, CNN, and Fox all axing, and no one deserves the cut more than Fox's biggest liar.

Tennessee Worse Than Texas? Rep. Gloria Johnson on Her State’s Spiral

Once given a closet as an office by GOP leadership, and with a target still on her back, Johnson refuses to stop fighting for what's right.

Will This Column Win an Emmy for 'Somebody Somewhere?'

The show’s cast, in a fun-filled discussion, gets serious about small-town representation.

Earth Is a Marginalized Community

Drawing from our own struggles, can the LGBTQ+ community be more of a leader on climate change?

​Demoralizing, Destructive, Delusional DeSantis Has Gone Too Far​

His pet project, "don't say gay," now expands to high school students.

Boycott Budweiser for Validating Trans Hate

Rather than defend its partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, Anheuser-Busch's CEO poured alcohol all over an extremist's fire.

California Man Sentenced for Anti-LGBTQ+ Death Threats to Merriam-Webster

Jeremy Hanson pled guilty last year to making threats.

Tammy Baldwin, Country's First Out Senator, Announces Run for Re-Election

The Wisconsin lawmaker, the first LGBTQ+ senator, will be seeking a third term.

Meet the Gay Combat Vet Who Will Run the American Medical Association

Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld on LGBTQ+ health and his plans to protect trans and queer youth.