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While the Lord Almighty speaks to Biden, it’s time to prepare for Harris

It’s time for Harris to lead us forward, and we pray to the Lord Almighty that she can go on and win the race, writes John Casey.

GOP VP picks Quayle and Palin were harmless, while JD Vance is poisonous

Republicans' history of picking novices as vice-presidential nominees continues with Trump’s choice of JD Vance, who is Quayle and Palin on steroids and amphetamines.

Bethel Park, Butler and Milwaukee, and how MAGA hate persists

Only a fool would believe that the attempted assassination of Donald Trump would stop MAGA hate because there is no MAGA without hate.

Judge Aileen Cannon is a redo of Annie Wilkes in 'Misery'

The jurist kept the Trump documents case tied up and then took a sledgehammer to justice.

Joe, the LGBTQ+ community loves and appreciates you more than you will ever know

During the last four years the president has done no wrong and everything right, and through herculean efforts, has rescued our democracy, John Casey argues.

Ted Zhar on TikTok fame and asking 'What do you do for a living?' for a living

Zhar has become an internet personality thanks to this one simple question.

Biden’s campaign has become a series of competency tests and reality checks

Will every ensuing interview and speech be a test of Biden’s coherence and sense of reality?

How Project 2025 darkens democracy on July 4, 2025

A year from now, will we have the far-right platform Project 2025 be the basis for America?

Wake up, Democrats, and fight back against SCOTUS by stacking the court

President Biden spoke volumes last night contrasting himself with Trump, but he did not tell the American people what Democrats would do to counter the court's atrocious rulings.

Watching Joe Biden made me realize, sadly, that my grandfather was elderly — and human too

"The State of the Union was profound. But in due time, bad days start to outnumber the good," writes John Casey.

Meet the triathlete who just happens to be transgender and deaf

Kamden Romano recently completed the Escape From Alcatraz triathlon, which he says is a metaphor for his life.

Inside the undiscovered queer life of U.S. hockey’s first superstar, Hobey Baker

The executive producer of a new ESPN podcast about Baker talks to The Advocate about this remarkable athlete, and how the NHL may want his story to go away.

The gay author of the smash book 'Apprentice in Wonderland' on the dangers and deficiencies of Donald Trump

Ramin Setoodeh met with Trump six times and reveals his faulty memory, obsession with himself and ratings, his one reference to Melania, and the danger of underestimating his likability, charm, and intelligence.

Adam Lambert tells homophobes to 'Get over it. Mind your own business' (exclusive)

The global music superstar has new EDM songs and a new EP coming out, that is at once dramatic and dreamy — perfect for the Pride season.

What it's like to be a gay man at 60

Today I turn 60, and perhaps one of the biggest surprises of being 60 is being so happy with who I am.

Three years after he came out, Carl Nassib opens up

In a candid interview with The Advocate, the former NFL star talks about fair-weather brands, Harrison Butker’s comments, the Trevor Project, and Rayze, his new passion project.

In Netflix’s “Eric,” McKinley Belcher III is haunting as closeted, gay Black NYC cop in the 1980s

“You have to love yourself and understand yourself fully before you can stand on your own two feet, and at the very end of the series, [Michael] Ledroit starts to recognize that fact,” Belcher tells The Advocate.

60 exclusive photos of the Out and Advocate 2024 Pride cover party

This is how we celebrate Pride.

A midsummer night’s dream as equalpride celebrates the Pride covers of Out and The Advocate magazines

The event celebrated the magazines’ Pride Month cover stars, Jonathan Groff (Merrily We Roll Along) for Out and Wayne Brady (The Wiz) for The Advocate.