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Mitch McConnell leaves as the Senate’s longest-serving coward

McConnell will be spending his remaining years as a prisoner to his own cowardice and with a wife whose honor he did not defend.

Out country music personality Cody Alan on Beyoncé busting the genre’s barriers for other Black women

Beyoncé has already made history in the music industry, now she's the first Black woman to top Billboard’s country chart.

For the moms of Matthew Shepard and Tyler Clementi, the fight to protect LGBTQ+ youth isn’t finished

Schools, legislators and legislatures, churches, and the media are failing LGBTQ+ youth, the mothers say after the death of Nex Benedict in Oklahoma.

A pious Church and Cardinal Dolan trashes a dead trans woman who, like Jesus, helped the marginalized

Cecilia Gentil helped trans people, sex workers and HIV/AIDS victims, while a certain Catholic cardinal lives extravagantly

Samuel Alito is afraid of being called a bigot? Jim Obergefell has heard far worse (exclusive)

Samual Alito referenced Jim Obergefell's case when lamenting on homophobia not being acceptable. Well, Obergefell has some words for Alito.

Tristan Snell, a lawyer who already beat Trump, says that Willis will survive a ‘travesty of justice’ trial

The author of a book about how to prosecute the ex-president blames the judge and media for following the Willis affair distraction, and asks, who is paying all of Trump’s attorneys?

For Lent, Hobby Lobby and #HeGetsUs should give up making self-righteous feet-washing commercials

The Jesus Super Bowl ads made a mockery out of a solemn Easter tradition, treating the marginalized like criminals and dissing the humility of Jesus.

In deference to the lonely, try to avoid too much PDA on Valentine’s Day

The day is about celebrating love, but for some, it’s one of the toughest days of the year.

Trump appointee uses death of president's 46-year-old son to tilt election

Special Counsel Robert Hur outrageously clears and smears President Biden. Another gift from one of Trump's "best people."

Former NFL player Ryan O’Callaghan talks Super Bowl, gay NFL players, and what will happen to Bill Belichick

O’Callaghan said that we’re reaching a point in society when younger people don't feel the need to play football only as a cover like he did to hide his sexuality.

The Black-and-white dichotomy between Ronald Reagan’s birthday and Arthur Ashe’s death day

As a historical figure whose impact was profound on society, Ashe is head and shoulders above the former president, who showed cowardice on race and AIDS.

Jared Polis on being a dad, husband — and America's first out gay governor

The Colorado leader opens up about maintaining an idyllic home life in increasingly uncertain times.

What will 2024 bring? Some predictions about an unpredictable year and future

John Casey writes about union power, streaming content cuts, Trump's health, queer hate, and an unbearable noise.

What will Nikki Haley, Trump’s ‘little kink’ on his quest to autocracy, do after losing New Hampshire?

After today’s New Hampshire primary, Haley will likely drop out and save herself from further humiliation, writes John Casey.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis files for moral bankruptcy

DeSantis, now a failed Republican presidential candidate, based his campaign on his bigotry. Look where that got him.

97-year-old lesbian baller Maybelle Blair on heaven, progress, and the Cubs

The sports legend who helped inspire A League of Their Own is a lesson in living well.

The voice of the NYC subway and her journey to trans euphoria

Bernie Wagenblast, the voice of the New York subway, came out as a trans woman last year. Now, she's sharing what it's like living her authentic life.

As the election begins today will it be Biden, Trump or none-of-the above?

The Iowa caucus traditionally starts the presidential election in what might be the most nontraditional primary and general election of our lifetimes.