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Twin Town

The Tops of Tribeca

One of the nation's premier film festivals doesn't disappoint as being a launching pad for some of the best LGBT films of the coming year.

One Man's Trash...

This season's Design Star gays -- Jason Champion and Nathan Galui -- talk Ikea, turning trash into treasure, why reality TV is the world's best diet, and design hacks like Bobby Trendy.

Silencing Singapore

For Singaporean filmmaker Zihan Loo, the love that dare not speak its name doesn't require words.

Outrageous! – The Tribeca Film Festival Wrap-up 2009

Lower Manhattan's famed film festival welcomed campy, innovative, and thoughtful films alike.

Why the Long Face?

Blinders , a documentary by gay stand-up comedian Donny Moss, explores the dark side of Central Park's iconic horse and carriage businesses.

Bear in Mind: The Berlin Film Festival 2009

A very adult Rupert Grint, some insightful comments from Dustin Lance Black, and Julie Delpy's blood-soaked lesbian countess drama make for a colorful Berlin Film Festival.

Foregone Conclusion

Gay filmmaker Terence Davies talks about his ode to his childhood love of Liverpool, Of Time and the City.

The Other White Meat

As one of the subjects of the documentary about the drag pageant circuit, Pageant, opening in select theaters, and one of the contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race, premiering next month on Logo, Victoria "Porkchop" Parker may not look or act like your typical female impersonator, but make no mistake, she is one of the best.

The Divine Miss M.

Since the death of performer Wayland Flowers in 1988, his over-the-top puppet creation Madame has been seen only sporadically. But with the launch of her new casino tour, Madame is back.

Photo Finish

Did Prop. 8 backlash cause art censorship -- or its reversal -- at Brigham Young University? Could be, as BYU photography student J. Michael Wiltbank found when his contribution to a two-week-long art exhibition -- eight pairs of benign portraits, each depicting an LGBT-identified BYU student alongside a supportive friend -- had been removed.

Steven Weber Plays the Political Card

Actor Steven Weber one-ups even Larry Craig and J. Edgar Hoover (at least the version depicted in Oliver Stone's JFK) as a sinister-and-sleazy-beneath-the-surface politician in writer-director Luke Eberl's drama Choose Connor.

Doris's Day

Susan Sarandon has a great eye for projects, including the recent HBO movie Bernard and Doris, in which she played the late, great Doris Duke in an Emmy-nominated performance. The legend --Sarandon, that is -- spoke to us as she geared up for the Emmys on September 21.

HIV and Film: A Rare Combo

The most famous AIDS movies are often lily-white and dripping with privilege. But as the recent film Before I Forget proves, HIV sees no boundaries. Here are 10 movies that did the same.

'X' Marks the Spots: Kylie International

Does every nation have its very own feather-loving, techno-dancing, gay-approved diva? Quite possibly.

Bear Essentials

Advocate contributor Lawrence Ferber reports back on all there was to see and hear at this year's Berlin Film Festival -- including everyone who took home the top prizes at the 22nd Annual Teddy Awards, honoring queer work in the festival.

Top Furty

If you build it, they will come. So it went with a baseball stadium in Field of Dreams, and so goes Amsterdam's all-bear spin on the bubblegum pop boy band.

Three’s Company?

On Fox Reality Channel's The Search for the Next Elvira, the original goth queen searches for her understudy. She's aided in her hunt by two flamboyant sidekicks who gave us quite a scary interview.

Eastern Promise

Chinese singer Chet Lam isn't hiding his sexuality and no one seems to care.

Channel surfin'

The sun is shining, the birds are singing. Who cares. There's too much good stuff on TV.