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10 emotional scenes from X-Men '97 that hit hard

The first season of X-Men '97 gave all the feels. Here are some of the best emotional scenes from the first season!

No, Drew Barrymore, we are not your 'Momala'

The "Momala" moment with Vice President Harris on the Drew Barrymore Show highlights the enduring stereotype of Black women as societal caretakers, prompting a reflection on the need to recognize their full humanity and leadership beyond nurturing roles.

Giselle Byrd is taking center stage — and helping others do the same

The activist and educator is creating space for other queer and trans people of color in the theater world.

Navigating the intersection of Easter and TDOV

Amid political backlash from honoring TDOV, discover how Easter Sunday is intertwined with Transgender Day of Visibility, symbolizing a harmonious blend of rebirth, recognition, and the transformative power of love.

13 LGBTQ+ British Royals in History

Historians have pegged several as likely members of the community, and in the 21st century at least one is out and proud.


Equalpride's community partnership program aims to amplify LGBTQ+ advocacy

Equalpride announces its pioneering Community Partnership Program, joining forces with SMYAL and The Theater Offensive to empower and celebrate the diverse voices and talents within the LGBTQ+ community.

How Monica Beverly Hillz found belonging and love in a world of challenges

On this Valentine’s Day, Monica Beverly Hillz reflects on how navigating love and dating as a trans woman taught her to adore herself.

My queer story is powerful, and so is yours. Here's how to share it with us.

Equalpride's new community editor on championing storytelling as a revolutionary act to reclaim and celebrate the diverse narratives of the LGBTQ+ community.

A Reflection on Transgender Day of Remembrance: We Deserve More

How can we create a world where Black trans women like me not only survive but thrive?

The Hate Lobbed at Angelica Ross, Meghan Markle Is Familiar to All Black Trans Women

Deciding how to handle microaggressions — and overt ignorance — is a full-time job for trans women of color.

This Trans Woman Founded a New Nation Free of Hate

Equalpride's own Marie-Adélina de la Ferrière tells us why she created a micronation for her and her chosen family.